Iraq on my mind

Condoleezza Rice was reportedly looking for a connection to Iraq within hours of 9/11 attacks


Christoher Meyer, the U.K.’s former ambassador to the U.S., has testified at a British inquiry into the Iraq war that Condoleezza Rice phoned him on 9/11 looking for a connection between the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and Saddam Hussein. Rice knew al-Qaeda was responsible, Meyer said, but was hoping that Iraq was also involved. He also testified that then-Prime Minister Tony Blair initially wanted to focus on Afghanistan, but minds had changed by the time Blair met George W. Bush at Bush’s ranch in 2002. Many war critics believe Blair pledged Britain’s support for the war at that meeting, a full year before Parliament approved any involvement.

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Iraq on my mind

  1. i am surprised there are not more comments here given how hot to trot some people are on manufactured evidence this week…

    • Oh sorry, I was stuck in a meeting. This OBVOUSZLY confirms my already-proven suspicions and DESTROYS all other possible opinions. Anyone disagreeing is WRONG and EVIL and probably kicks puppies.

      Until one of my political idols changes their mind, in which case We've Always Been At War With Eastasia.

        • Sorry, my sense of humour clearly didn't get across here. I was just trying to fill in the missing comments you mentioned, but not necessarily stick to only one side of the argument(s).

          It's quite popular to find the other side in a debate to be dishonest, misleading, or just plain craaaazy, so I was aiming at that.

          And now that it's been explained, no possible humour can be found of course. :-)

          • i think there can still be humour…. i def laughed when i read your explanation…. my only point was seemingly that some instances of manufacturing evidence seem to be more tolerable then other in the opinions of many of the commentators on the macleans site.

          • Manufactured evidence is so early-this-week. We're all past that stage now. Credibility of the messenger is all that counts now. Just ask Peter MacKay.

            I think it's time to go all post-modern here and suggest all evidence is manufactured in that what constitutes evidence is defined by the people consuming it. Some commentators must be more post-modern than others . . . For some people, evidence is whatever authority tells them.

            Too bad about Ms. Rice. With a different boss, she'd probably be remembered as a great Secretary of State.

          • YSP, judging from Colby's and Potter's post on the climategate ordeal i think the preoccupation is alive and well.

            i think the key is how we/the degree to which we are capable of deconstructing the manufactured nature of evidence….

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