Iraqis turn out in droves to vote in elections -

Iraqis turn out in droves to vote in elections

Nearly two-thirds of eligible voters believed to have cast a ballot


Nearly two-thirds of Iraqis turned out to vote in the country’s parliamentary elections on Sunday. Although results aren’t expected until Tuesday, the incumbent State of Law coalition, led by Nouri al-Maliki, says it is leading in 9 of 18 regions. The final results could nonetheless prove sharply different than the early returns since most Iraqis abroad, who weren’t counted in the 62.5 per cent turnout, are believed to be Sunnis and unlikely to support al-Maliki’s Shia coalition. Iyad Allawi, the former prime minister who heads the Iraqiya bloc, was believed to be leading in Sunni areas, according to estimates released by AFP. The strong turnout came despite a series of attacks aimed at destablizing the Iraqi government that left at least 38 people dead and 89 others wounded in Baghdad.

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Iraqis turn out in droves to vote in elections

  1. In spite of bombings, threats of murder and revenge, more Iraqi voters turn out in their elections than Canadians do in theirs. Now even Obama is claiming credit for Iraq. The real thanks go to GW Bush. Thanks George.

  2. These people put us to shame.

    • They sure do put us to shame. But this is new to them, and let's hope they don't wind up with a system like we have where the Mp's are forced to vote with the Party line and to hell with the voters. And let's hope they never face the Porkbarreling we have here, or the obscene rate of taxation that is rife with waste. I could go on, but you get the point! A lot of Canadians are Cynical, and with good reason!