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‘Irresponsible’ of Ottawa to leave some refugees without health care, says Wynne


TORONTO – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says it would be irresponsible to leave some refugee claimants without access to health care.

Wynne is once more defending her government’s decision to extend health care benefits to some newcomers who were cut off by the federal government 18 months ago.

She and Health Minister Deb Matthews are taking aim at federal Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, who has criticized the Ontario move as a waste of money.

Ottawa trimmed medical benefits for newcomers to the bare bones in 2012 and cut some refugee claimants off completely, save for threats to public health.

Ontario reinstated the benefits Jan. 1.

The premier says the federal move has caused a lot of confusion about who is eligible for care.

“We have, as a province, said this is unacceptable,” she said.

“The people who have been getting the services through the federal program will now be eligible to get services through a provincial program, because it is irresponsible of us … as a society not to provide these services.”

The federal government cuts left most immigrants with basic, essential health care, but trimmed supplementals such as vision and dental care.

However, rejected refugee claimants — and refugee claimants from countries the government considers safe — will be eligible for care only when they pose a threat to public health.

Alexander has accused the province of intruding into an area of federal responsibility.

“I’ve expressed our government’s disappointment with the Ontario government’s recent decision to reinstate health-care benefits to all asylum seekers and even rejected refugee claimants,” Alexander said earlier this week.

He said Ontario is on its own to foot the bill.

Matthews said Ontario isn’t alone and other provinces are also trying to deal with the cuts.

“Ontario of course attracts the bulk, 55 per cent of refugees are in Ontario, so the problem is biggest for us.”


‘Irresponsible’ of Ottawa to leave some refugees without health care, says Wynne

  1. I understand the concerns of some not to allow people to receive free health care when they’ve just arrived in the country, however, even if you only consider your own self-interest, you still benefit when everyone is treated for diseases that might be contagious.
    Another example: A pregnant woman about to give birth – If there is any possibility that the child will be born in Canada, it will save us money in the long term on the health care for the child, if the mother receives proper health care during the pregnancy.

    In any case, of course its the right thing to do, but I realize that’s not enough for some people.

    • No, it’s not the right thing to do. Many immigrants and refugees were receiving better healthcare benefits than people who’ve paid taxes in this country their entire lives. Why should I be forced to pay for someone else’s glasses when I can’t afford my own?

      By your logic, Canada should just give out free healthcare to anybody who makes it into the country. We could become the healthcare tourist destination of the world. It’s just too bad all the Canadians would be dead when the foreigners got here.

      • How long have you lived in this country? And yet you can’t afford glasses, and don’t work for an employer with vision benefits?

        PS ‘Foreigners’ aren’t coming. We’re talking about refugees.

        • Where in the f@#*(#$ do you think refugees come from genius?!

          And obviously, I’m not talking about myself you moron. Have you ever seen a homeless person on the street? Have you ever met a single mother? You think those people can afford glasses or have benefits at work?

          Your callous ignorance astounds me. You don’t even care about the poor in Canada. You’d probably just them a gift card to clear your conscience, like Kathy Wynne.

          • Refugees aren’t immigrants Rick. Diffferent group altogether.

            And kindly don’t tell us how compassionate you are towards single moms and street people…..I nearly choked on my coffee.

          • The homeless are covered for glasses you stupid, stupid e f@#*(#$.
            You moron. Have you ever seen a homeless person on the street? Your callous ignorance astounds me. You don’t even care about the poor in Canada.

          • ????

        • Not all employers can afford benefits. And out price fixing mentality of governments means glasses in Canada can be $600 yet the same pair and prescriptions are $60 in Panama or Costa Rica.

          Canadian eye glass industry is a monopoly priced fixed business. I think Marketplace even has a show on it where a man was shut out via legal extortion from selling $50 glasses. At $50 it isn’t worth insuring.

          Think about it. As the system is about racketeering in Canada.

          • Then find one that does. Or pay for it yourself.

            You’re far richer than any refugee, and can well afford them

          • @EmilyOne and how many refugees do you have living in your home? It sounds like you could support a few and pay for their care. So please consider taking in a few and pay for all their needs!!!

          • This is not Somalia CB…..we’ve been helping refugees since we signed the agreement in the 40s and can well afford it.

        • Yes, Emily…..the program was about people CLAIMING to be refugees…..and that’s why the cuts were made.

          We were paying for services for people from the USA who were claiming they were refugees….and Hungary, was dumping their ROMA populations in Canada..adn again, they are not real refugees.

          REAL refugees are well taken care of…it’s the bogus refugees, and the immigration lawyers who were making a killing who are ticked about it.

      • And there is a significant amount of abuse in the social and health care system that does rob tax paying Canadians of services and gets us higher taxes.

        But Ottawa is desperate for immigration as tax inflated Canada deters good quality immigrants and we are so taxed supporting government kids we don’t have domestic baby production that is high enough to sustain the population and tax base.

        You will never get Ottawa to tell the truths of immigrations.

    • If contagious or high burden, why let them in in the first place?

      14 million Canadian working cannot support health care for 7+ billion people….

      I know of tax paying Canadians having long waits cancer in MRI, surgery, doctor availability, because of inefficiencies and other people getting services at our expense. Seems just wrong,

  2. ‘a waste of money’ say the Cons

    This is why I’ll vote Lib

    • im sure ur excited for the may election and the liberal blood bath

      • I believe you said the same thing last election.

        • yup. flukes do happen once and a while tho…

          • So does crappy Con policy which is what does you in.

          • lol you do realize that ‘liberalism’ has been around only for about 60 year right? prior to the 60s all governments were conservative of some kind minus the ussr

          • ‘Liberalism first became a distinct political movement during the Age of Enlightenment, when it became popular among philosophers and economists in the Western world. Liberalism rejected the notions, common at the time, of hereditary privilege, state religion, absolute monarchy, and the Divine Right of Kings. The 17th century philosopher John Locke is often credited with founding liberalism as a distinct philosophical tradition. Locke argued that each man has a natural right to life, liberty and property[7] and according to the social contract, governments must not violate these rights. Liberals opposed traditional conservatism and sought to replace absolutism in government with representative democracy and the rule of law.’


          • LOL wikipedia, i guess you didnt do any advanced post secondary…and yes but is was not a political force until the 1960s, taking something on a drawing board, as john locke created is one thing. having government policy is very very different

          • Everytime Cons get something majorly wrong [which is all the time] they blame Wikipedia.

            Liberalism has been around a very long time….and the Lib party has held power for most of Canada’s history.

            If you have any kind of a degree….demand your money back.

          • lol wow your so wrong its funny on so many levels. your stupidity and williness to uphold your wikipedia reference as a credible source burns my brain. not using wikipedia has nothing to do with being conservative or liberal it has to do with being intelligent or retarded

          • here ill use your pathetic source to show you how stupid you are…read it and weep

            “Social liberal policies have been adopted following World War II” …..wow i swear i said in the 60s it started…..and your pathetic source confirmed that


          • I’m sorry….if you’re going to be stupid I’ll talk to someone else.

          • if you would like, its totally up to you; i could upload a picture of my history degree from western university?

          • Where did you learn your English?

          • Same place he got his ‘degree’. LOL

          • LOLLLL said the one who spends her miserable life commenting on macleans articles

          • lol does it look like im tryin to write an essay???

  3. Read it again….cases where public health is concerned are covered. What’s not covered, is vision and dental…the same things we aren’t covered for. The goal was to root out false refugess, or those who abuse the system…and given the savings to date, it’s worked. Not the Feds fault Wynne is once again using public money for political gain.
    Also, we should not be granting citizenship to someone simply because they were born here if the parents are not Canadian. That’s why we have “birth factories” for foreign mothers who want to have a Canadian baby. It’s just a toehold to get around the normal routes for immigration…and free stuff.
    As for our self-interest……that’s what the Fed policy is for. Stop paying for the freeloaders, and there will be enough to cover the legitimate refugees. Savings so far in one year alone…..$600,000,000.

    • Ottawa is about supporting freeloaders and using our wallets for it. Take defective F35 US military welfare, rusty subs, bank and corrupt auto bailouts, corporate welfare for a long list including CBC, Air Canda, AECL and others, subsidising money for nothing to provinces in a unequal way like a colonial tax and they don’t fix the problems of why they need to be subsided from our wallets, FN is another money for nothing. Pay to keep quiet and idle welfare.

      Part of why our economy is in the craper and we are tax inflated with too much taxes to be competitive, too much government corruption and consumption and not enough production to support it.

      We all pay this price for the huge wastes going on.

    • what do taxpayers say.

      • Same as they’ve said all along.

        Some of us aren’t Grinches ya know

    • Um, just by looking at the URL, I can tell you that’s not describing “doctors”, it’s describing “doctors for refugee care”. I wonder how much that website cost those clowns to build, and how many pairs of glasses it could have bought.

      • Yup….and websites aren’t expensive, so don’t even go there.

        • Of course websites aren’t expensive! Nothing is “expensive” to Liberals! Piss $1B away on E-Health, $1B away on cancelling gas plants, $1B on a failed “green” energy policy, its NEVER expensive to you idiots.

          The reason it’s never expensive is because your incompetent premier is always running to the Feds for a handout. Nothing seems expensive when you’re a bum that doesn’t pay for anything yourself.

          And you can’t figure out why businesses are fleeing the province at record rates. Can’t figure out why the province that was once the “economic engine” of Canada is now have-not welfare bum.

          But keep doing what you’re doing. It’s not like you can go bankrupt or anything like that.

          • Ahhh puir wee Ricky….tells us all about wunnerful oil and how to run a wunnerful economy, and wunnerful Alberta, and how well off he is with wunnerful trade training…..and yet apparently lives on handouts on a street somewhere….cuz he can’t ever afford anything.

            Maybe it’s because you lie like a rug?

    • Of course they are for it. Foreign doctor gets the taxpayers money for this.

      And its discriminatory and racist crap too as no reason the health care system should have preferences over one group over another especially when those who paid for it are the ones being discriminated against.

      The whole concept of “special” treatment of claimed refuges is just insane discrimination.

      • Dave we aren’t talking about ‘foreign doctors’ here….we are talking about refugee patients.

        Refugees are people who have escaped….and have nothing.

        We give them medical treatment.

        • True….REAL refugees are well taken care of if canada…always have been.

          problem is, that many folks who are NOT refugees…show up on our shores and lie about it. And we’re stuck with the bill.

          the changes the Conservatives made so far,have saved taxpayers about $600 MILLION in just one single year. Money that can now be directed towards those who actually need, and deserve it. IE…real refugees.

  4. Kathleen Wynne’s many billion dollar thefts is criminal and far more irresponsible. its easy to say that witch when its not your money!!

  5. Hey Kathy, how many pairs of glasses and prescriptions could have been paid for with the Billion dollars you flushed down the drain in order to get elected?

    Or how about the billion dollars pissed away via e-Health. Ya, that came out of the healthcare budget.

    If you weren’t wasting your healthcare budget on failed experiments and vote buying you’d be able to afford to buy glasses for the entire third world without them having to bother coming to Canada in the first place. Then you could brag to voters about what a nice and generous human being you are with their money.

    Don’t you have any gift cards for free glasses and pills in that goody bag of yours? Wynne is starting to run her government like those crooks in Quebec. Waste all the money from the feds on things like free day care and subsidizing upper-middle class university students and then come back to the feds crying poor because they can’t afford the essentials. What a joke.

    • Tsk tsk tsk….and none of this would be necessary after 3 terms if you bozos hadn’t elected Hudak.

      • Your stupidity is truly amazing. Of COURSE it’s Tim Hudak’s fault that Kathy Wynne is a moron. Are you off your meds again?

        • No, it’s YOUR fault for electing a moron to run against her.

        • Rick,

          Don’t begrude Emily’s Meds…….chances are, you and I are paying for them.

  6. Its irresponsible of Wynne to not prosecute Dalton for malfeasance in public office.

    • here here!!!!

      • There there!!!!

        Doesn’t exist.

    • Why? It was dumb voters voting with fear, greed and envy that listen to false promises that voted for him.

      Same people probably voted Wynne as they were tired of Daltons false promises so they get a new name with false hope and vote the same way expecting different results.

      Borrowing from Einstein, voting the same ways with fear, greed and envy and expecting different results is insanity. Until voters demand a better ballot, they are just economic slaves of government/media state.

      Its why we don’t manage government, government manages us. Collectively we are a politically dumb species.

  7. This issue separates the Conservative base from the rest of us.

    In Canada, do you want poor destitute people men, women, children, pregnant women, scratching their bleeding fingernails on closed and barred hospital emergency room doors and dying in the streets when entry is denied? Depends who they are say the Harper Conservatives and their mouthpieces on here.

    • Isn’t just Harper, Liberal Wynne, NDP SK of the past….

      Its all about selling big fat union government illusion to get our money to waste on special interests that benefit us little.

      Worst offender is Ottawa, $60 billion for defective F35 US military welfare, but no money for our own….just jack them hidden and real taxes……screw the people out of their money statism greed.

    • That’s a pretty bleak picture you’ve painted there. Except for the fact that the Conservatives have increased healthcare funding to the provinces each and every year, and have setup a formula to continue to do so in the future.

      It was the Liberal government in the 90’s that slashed healthcare transfers to the provinces. Nice try projecting there though, too bad people don’t have 5-minute memories.

  8. This is a huge problem. On one hand, being disabled myself and a former tax worker slave I see multiple sides to this.

    But the reality is when we let in people, they dilute the ability of the system to serve our own people who for years contributed and now getting the short end of the stick.

    I know of someone let into Canada for a lifetime of social assistance as they are disabled. Yet I also know someone who had to wait a year for proper cancer treatment and may die for the waits in MRI/CT scans and availability of services (it grew while they waited making it harder to treat and may end up being fatal).

    Refuge is a misused world. In reality, just means nothing when used today. As very few immigrants claiming refugee actually are in the pure sense, real refugees. But they know, say refugee and you get in.

    Too bad we are so taxed supporting Ottawa kids it necessitates this insanely high immigration rate.

    • You really do believe that Wikipedia is a legal definition, don’t you?

      • Wikipedia is an overview….the legal definition is also there.