Is Canada racist? -

Is Canada racist?

South African officials think so


Last week, Canada’s immigration tribunal granted refugee status to Brandon Huntley, a white South African who claimed he was being persecuted back home because of his colour. Now, South Africa’s ruling party says that move was racist. And the allegation has made international headlines. “Canada’s reasoning for granting Huntley a refugee status can only serve to perpetuate racism,” an African National Congress statement explained, dismissing Huntley’s claims of being attacked seven times as “sensational and alarming.”
The Immigration and Refugee Board declined to comment, citing privacy provisions. But tribunal panel chair William Davis was quoted as saying, “I find that the claimant would stand out like a ‘sore thumb’ due to his colour in any part of the country.”


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Is Canada racist?

  1. So, as long as a person is white it is racists to grant them refugee status? There must be some reason why so many white South African professionals are moving to Canada. I can't imagine it's for our weather.

  2. If we're racist than what are the American's?

    • I'm all for pointing out the flaws in our hegemonic neighbour, but Canada's decision to grant refugee status to a South African doesn't seem to mention an American connection… why bring them up?

      There is anecdotal evidence that every country is racist…

      • I thought the comment was fairly straightforward. I'll elaborate for you though. If Canada is being deemed "racist" then I wonder what one would call Americans. By all standards, they are far more racist as a group than Canada. Ergo, if we are racist, what does that make Americans? Is there something above racism? Like super-racism?

        • Thank you for the elaboration. Although not required, it does shed some light into your line of thinking.

          If someone calls me a racist my response wouldn't be "Well, adb215 is an even bigger racist than I am," because it would indicate I am worried about the size of the bigotry, not bigotry itself.

          Does America being more racist make you feel better about Canada being labeled racist? It seems irrelevant when the levels of racism (societal and institutional) are minuscule in America when compared to China, Russia, Sudan, Rwanda, etc, etc.

          Even if America is more racist than Canada, it remains irrelevant to this issue.

          • That's your opinion and you are entitled to it. But I'm entitled to mine. It was an off the cuff comment, not intending to be serious. Lighten up a little.

          • Nich,

            Thank you for pointing out the moral relativism that exists whenever Canada is criticised. For some reason we always say "at least we aren't as bad as…."

          • I have to say I'm impressed with the calibre of comments here on Maclean's versus other news sites. I appreciate the respect shown here to diverse opinion and the encouragement of intelligent debate.

            There are certainly other nations and groups more racist than Canada, but recent headline's show a trend in Canadian policies and practices being race-sensitive. I realize these are anecdotes, but at which point does a series of anecdotes turn into systematic discrimination?

  3. Let's be fair, the South Africans are widely acknowledged as international experts on being racists.

  4. Yes, there is a racist country at work here in the propoganda that's flying around in the wake of this refugee board decision. Hint: That country is not Canada.

  5. “I find that the claimant would stand out like a ‘sore thumb' due to his colour in any part of the country.” I guess I should ask for assylum seeing as I stick out like a "sore thumb" in any part of Canada even though it was my choice to come and make a life here. It is ludicris to grant refugee status to anyone based on consideration of the color of their skin. There are to many missing parts to this story. This is not racism but ignorance.

  6. truth does not fare well in politics…some one will imply one thing and it will be misunderstood in another sense such is the game of politics…in truth canada is a country in dire need of a shakeup with its human rights record….firstly and not least is the reservation system which needs an overhaul…using the reservation system and its people is no reason to down grade the affected people and to use them as a financial and social scapegoat …the people never asked to be put on reservations…they were forced..certain situationm such as this has ti change!

  7. WwAwR: Why we Are white Refugees:
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    Also…. a challenge to journalists who think that black on white crime in south africa is not racially motivated.

    Is Black on White Crime in South Africa racially motivated?

    Know any journalist who is willing to put their money where their mouth is, on their opinion? A blogger journalist is willing to put a Krugerrand (R10,000) on her research that black on white murder, rape and assault is racially motivated….

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  8. It is quite obvious that British Canadian are recist and do not want to assimlate with the new Canadians. New Candians are rejected socially as well,especially in British Columbia.

    • The most disadvantaged Canadians are whites in the maritimes who are poor and neglected. There is no subsidized housing, free courses, free daycare, and welfare is the lowest in Canada, its a 16 hr wait in emergency and few drop-in clinics. The poorest people I ever saw were in the eastern provinces. Ontario does not care, they care more about newcomers than people here for centuries. In fact Quebec and Ontario only care about their own provinces and not the rest of Canada. We should take care of Canadians first. N.B. has lost 60% of its population in the past 50 years. The Via rail was cut out of St John in the 1980s. All the govt depts. have been relocated to other cities. The shipyard moved to china. The beer factories moved west. Canadians come before people from other countries.

  9. Canada tries its best to hide racism towards immigrants but we are indeed one of the most racist countries in the world. especially towards asians and blacks. if you go to a small town near ottawa, you would understand my point of view. all whites are so full of themselves there.

  10. Agreed, even Macleans is racist

  11. Claire that Canada is a racist country because is very strange know non-white Canadians.