Is childhood obesity caused by a virus? -

Is childhood obesity caused by a virus?

Virus that causes respiratory infections linked to condition


In a new study published in the journal Pediatrics, experts found that obese children with antibodies specific to a virus known to cause respiratory infections weighed 35 pounds more than those who didn’t have it, the BBC reports. Still, nothing has been proven on this theory, but it’s likely to reignite a controversial debate. Researchers found antibodies to AD36 in 19 of the children, 15 of whom were considered obese. Lead researcher Jeffrey Schwimmer of the University of California school of medicine said, “Many people believe that obesity is one’s own fault or the fault of one’s parents or family. This work helps point out that body weight is more complicated than it’s made out to be. And it is time that we move away from assigning blame in favour of developing a level of understanding that will better support efforts at both prevention and treatment. These data add credence to the concept that an infection can be a cause or contributor to obesity.”

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Is childhood obesity caused by a virus?

  1. Interesting report showing this potential link, but it’s clearly not the full story. Genes may play a part , but the biggest issue is still a lack of nutritional education.

    • Agree, Also I think if you add in some good old fashon style exercise, not talking about , the gym, or organized sports.. just get off your tiny bottoms and go out side and play instead of sitting in front of the T.V. or computer when you get home from school…just saying….

      • Well North and Peach, you are right but I hold a stronger view; that this is a silly study. Practically everybody gets the common cold. We got numerous fat kids not because of some stupid disease reason. We got fat kids because of idiotic parents who feed them too much junk food and allow them to spend too much time wallowing in front of TV and computers.

        I tend to agree with one commentator said in the article:
        "This does not show causation, just an association. For instance, it may be that obese people are at more risk of catching AD36."

        If obese people get it into their heads that it is not their fault, but the fault of a virus, the drug companies will get rich.
        As far as I am concerned, more study is needed.

  2. I sense bleeding heart relativism behind all the reports. Surely fat kids get that way in the same way that fat adults get that way.

  3. I had severe asthma as a kid, and I was not allowed to play too much with other kids because I might die from an attack. Yet, I did not become obese. My parent's did not allow me to just sit in front of the TV either, I was encouraged to read, play (not too hard), and be with them.

    • Agree.. I also had severe asthma as a child, sounds as if your parents raised you the same way mine did, they encouraged me to be as active as possible, eat responsibly, get proper rest, all the things a good ''Responsible'' parent would do for their child, and I never turned out obese either. All us five boys were between 5'10-to 6' and 155 lbs to 185lbs..I was the runt of the litter. The obesity Virus starts in the home…Its called Irresponsible Parenting……

  4. My child was so skinny his ribs stuck out. he has always been one of the most active kids at his daycare and then at school. Just before he turned 6 there was a virus of some sort which caused stomach flu symtoms at his daycare. He ended up having it twice within a month causing him to lose another 5 pounds. After this he has been constantly hungry. He has gained alot of weight. He is still one of the most active children at his school and even they are surprised he has a weight problem. We are having him tested to see if there is something medically causing his weight gain but if they find nothing this virus issue might be one of the reasons. What to do about it if it is this problem?