Is Conrad Black headed back to Toronto? -

Is Conrad Black headed back to Toronto?

Former media baron reportedly facing eviction in Palm Beach


Conrad Black is out of prison and back in the rented Palm Beach estate where his wife Barbara Amiel was waiting. And if all goes according to plan, the former media baron could be back in his native Canada sooner than later. Black is currently confined to the continental United States under bail conditions set by federal district court Judge Amy St. Eve. But Black’s lawyers are expected to use a hearing scheduled for Friday to argue their client should be allowed to return to Canada. Sources tell the Financial Post Black’s financial situation is dire and he is facing eviction from his Palm Beach mansion. Prosecutors have so far objected to his request to return to Toronto, but it’s believed his diminished financial state could be used to convince the court he is not a flight risk.

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Is Conrad Black headed back to Toronto?

  1. Conrad Black for head of the CBC! He has an excellent record in successful media, Canadians would be lucky to keep him in Canada, and the Court would be satisfied that he is tied down to a regular job while on bail – that's win, win, win all around.

  2. Diminished financial state, give me a break. All of a sudden Canada is where he wants to be, after tossing his citizenship, give me another break. I hope we deny him entry.

    • I'm curious as to whether we can do that or not– if he's technically renounced his citizenship, is it possible?

  3. Canada has a better social safety net than what exists in the United States. Maybe that's why he wants to come back to his "home country". We're socialists, after all; you know, share and share alike.

  4. I will never stop being disgusted and totally put off by my fellow Canadians who take evident delight in watching the ruining of Conrad Black for reasons such as, "he's arrogant" and "haughty" and "thinks he's better than us." First, those are not crimes (try being upset that Karla Homolka walks among us.) Second, in a society where no one is allowed to be better than anyone else and mediocrity is encouraged, I'm glad Conrad Black exists to remind some of us what an educated and intelligent person sounds like. Unless you like Scott Baird or Suk Yin Lee.

  5. Conrad Black has seen it from both sides now. I'm glad that this did not turn his heart off. Perhaps now he realizes what a good country this is. Hopefully he'll be allowed to come home.

  6. He is not a canadian citizen and we do not allow criminals in this country. Check this out with the immigration department…

  7. Conman Bleak, shoul rot in hell, like all thieves.