Is his hair black enough? -

Is his hair black enough?

After 44 days in office Obama is already graying, paper reports


He knew he’d be under a microscope, but this is ridiculous. The New York Times reports today that U.S. President Barack Obama’s hair is conspicuously whitening, citing among other authorities an author who compiled a book of photographs from Obama’s campaign. The weight of office is a well-known whitener: Brian Mulroney and Bill Clinton count among leaders whose age seemed to accelerate after they took power. Presidents age two years for every year that they’re in office, says Dr. Michael F. Roizen, the co-founder of a website that tells you how much older your body really is because of your lifestyle habits. And Obama faces extraordinary stress even for a commander-in-chief. Still, six weeks seems a little early to start marking the process with hair analysis. 

The New York Times

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Is his hair black enough?

  1. I have another theory, based upon my own experience: He has two daughters.

  2. My conspiracy theory: he is dying it grey to look more seasoned.

    PS: is it just me or does Harper’s hair look grey sometimes and brown other times?

  3. Maybe he was dying it while campaigning to look even more youthful and appealing (especially compared to white-haired McCain) and now that he’s in office he’s letting his natural grey come through?

  4. Michele you are on to soemthing me thinks Obie was using a little grecian formula right up until he won the election then let it go man, let it go – a few weeks later presto a gray day.