Is Karzai after Mullah Omar's job? -

Is Karzai after Mullah Omar’s job?

Afghan president threatens to join Taliban


Afghan President Hamid Karzai is getting mighty sick of Western politicians asking him to enact reforms, so much so that he’s threatening to quit politics and join the Taliban. Karzai stated as much during a meeting with Afghan legislators on Monday, prompting White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs to express his government’s “frustration” with the remarks. It was the second such outburst by Karzai over the past two weeks; last week, the Afghan leader accused the international community of conspiring in a “vast fraud” to deny him re-election. Domestically, Karzai is facing mounting pressure from Afghans who believe the government has not done enough to stop the violence.

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Is Karzai after Mullah Omar’s job?

  1. why are we sending our soldiers to die for him?

  2. Terrific. Somehow I don't think "expressions of frustration" are going to be sufficient to solve this one.

  3. Just another US puppet that says "NO", he will be dead in about six months. How many "leaders" around the world has the US installed for their likening only to rebel against them later on. Time to stop fiddling with the world.

  4. Pay attention when you watch the news clips. Karzai spent more time and monies fixing up his Presidential office and his fancy outfits than solving his country's problems.

  5. This is remarkably similar to the frequent switching of sides of lower-ranked Afghan warlords, and confirms that Karzai is nothing more than a puppet chosen from their ranks.

  6. Regardless of whether or not Afghan President Hamid Karzai joins the Taliban, Stephen Harper wants everyone in Canada to know he supports the troops who are doing a great job defending Taliban Karkai

  7. Richards for you to try and nail Harper for this when the Americans are seeing the same problem shows your ignorance of our position.We went there after 9/11 like most of the world.A Liberal government put us there in the most dangerous area.We are out next year but I am sure if Kasai keeps up his stupidity all the NATO countries will either remove him or leave.To think that the lefties in this country are still trying to keep this detainee business going and at the same time critizing our leaving.

  8. Here we go again any leader that dare criticize the U.S. government
    will be replaced. Even those that were installed by free democratic
    elections….wink wink. The machine is in motion Karzai is a gonner.
    There will be a negative story about him in the media every couple of
    days now and the lemmings will hail his downfall and totally miss the reality of the situation.
    So much for the great experiment in democracy for that region.

  9. Here we go again. Any leader that dare criticize the U.S. government
    will be removed even those installed by democratic free elections…wink
    wink. The media has swung into motion Karzai is a gonner. There will be a negative story about him every day and the lemmings will hail his
    downfall. So much for the great experiment in democracy that our brave
    soldiers have sacrificed for.

  10. The stage is set. This war, as long as it keeps going, will feed on what keeps the ball rolling; plain old corruption. These statements, either from the Afghan government or the American government has no productive ends. None of these sort of statements are true nor do they come from the legitimate source it is perceived it is coming from. Its people paying other people to say something they say is worth while. Political strategy. Now really think about this statement in particular. If what Karzai is saying is true then the Americans will then again have a reason to stay longer. A larger threat is culminating. Oh no! Like I said, its all about setting the stage. Perception.

  11. John said: "Here we go again…"

    Yeah, that's the first thing that popped into my mind when these "news" clips started circulating. I guess the guy peed in the wrong person's breakfast cereal. I suppose we'll find out if he snaps to attention, and starts doing as he's told, pretty quick. If he stays, he's being a good little boy. If he's gone, well then too bad, as that place seems to really need someone with a little backbone. Politics, politics, politics… it's not nice to the little guys, especially the ones that try.

  12. Simmer down, who hasn't got a little cranky and threatened to join the Taliban?