Is Obama losing steam? -

Is Obama losing steam?

44 per cent approval rating is the lowest since the U.S. president took office


A new Gallup poll shows support for U.S. President Barack Obama has dropped to its lowest level since the new administration took office, with 44 per cent of Americans saying they approve of the job he’s doing. Meanwhile, the number of Americans who disapprove of the president’s performance hit 50 per cent for the first time. Analysts attribute the drop to a loss of support among independents. When Obama took office, 74 per cent of independents were onboard with the president. Only 39 per cent still support the Democratic president.


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Is Obama losing steam?

  1. Obama campaigned as a centrist but has been nothing but a left leaning ideologue since assuming office. The healthcare changes will cause irreparable harm to the middle class through higher taxes and fewer jobs. To suggest that the additionals costs would be funded by eliminating waste and abuse is folly.
    He has taken a number of positions which clearly are not supported by the majority of Americans and if it were not for support from African Americans and the MSM his poll numbers would be in the 30s.
    Obama is going to lose control of the House in the fall and maybe even the Senate. He will become a lameduck President and if he does not change his ways he will be a one term President.
    Sad for someone who appeared to have a lot of potential.

  2. I think it's odd to call Obama "nothing but left leaning" given how much he has tried to garner support across party lines.

    Frankly though the Republicans have nothing to complain about. They could've had a lot more direct influence on the development of bills if they weren't playing games and refusing to negotiate consensus.

    If anything, Obama's tenure as President has revealed that a reasonable man can't get much done in the hyper partisan world of US politics.

    It's only too ironic that Americans prefer to be ruled by kings given their history.

    • Phil King….what in the h.ll are you talking about? He has a majority in both Houses. He doesn't need anybody to pass legislation. His own base is fighting him. As polls are showing the vast majority of Americans do not support his policies. That's not the fault of the Republicans.
      As Ignatieff tells Canadians and Harper he is not the government it is up to the government to come forward with policies and his job is to oppose. The Repub. are not the government and while Obama still tries to blame George Bush for the mess it is in Obama who has the failed policies and is exploding the deficit which threatens the economic security of the United States of America once the greatest economy and political powerhouse in the world.
      He is simply not capable of governing in the centre. He believes in unions and wealth redistribution. Unlike Canada that will not go over well with a free thinking, right leaning country like the U.S.A.

      • So either he's a far lefty or his own base is fighting him, because he's not leftist enough. WHich is it?

        • ha ha apprently he's not free thinking either. What exactly constitutes free thinking Hollinm? Im being curious not sarcastic because I dont remember reading anywhere in the US constitution any mention or amendment about free thought? As far as I know Im free to think about whatever I want in Canad and they havent got a mindreading machine yet.

          I'm just puzzled about that comment. It confuses me like the statement that the US is the land of the free when they incarcerate a higher percentage of their population than anyone else. To me it seems like that ideology isnt working either.

          Thank you for your explanation hollinm. I would actually appreciate hearing that side so I can understand both sides of it better.

        • your assuming that all dems are flaming libs!!! 25% are moderate and or partly conservative. there is no way they will support these policies and that's exactly what's happening. his own party thinks he's crazy!!

  3. Even Obama may not even know where he belongs, left or right. I would say he is neither, he goes where the sound is loudest.

    • ha ha that sounds like Stephen Harper 2006-2010

  4. It has been a year since I felt I have been duped by this guy called Obama. And that feeling is reconfirmed daily by zero improvement in the Economic Environment of USA up to today; while the debts of US is added hourly.

    • the down jones almost doubled from its low point, that's pretty good …bush on the other hand got involved in two wars at a cost of over a trillion dollars and racked up huge debts in times of economic expansion takes somebody really special to accomplish that

    • how David? According to your blog you live in Malaysia. Is Obama the president of Malaysia? Maybe its some of the conspiracy theories on your blog.

      Tinfoil alert!

  5. Electing Sarah Palin as President will fix everything.


  6. What is Really needed……

    Obama needs a teachable moment.

    Leadership means pointing to clear defined goals and energizing Main Street. It means stating confidence in the bearing – clear heading and clear direction.

    What's Obama doing exactly? America is yearning for Leadership. . . .

    It is not the nature of the average American to want coddling by big government.