Is that a prosthetic device, or…


Talking of bugs in the bed, Couillard’s story is not that implausible. Apparently the Mounties did just the same to Gerda Munsinger, the East German prostitute and spy whose assignations with various members of the Diefenbaker cabinet set the gold standard for sex scandals in federal politics (with the Francis Fox forgery case a close second). What they heard on the tapes was for a time the source of some puzzlement back at HQ: a loud “whump” sound every so often, as if something heavy had fallen to the floor.

Eventually the source of the noise was explained. It was Pierre Sevigny, the decorated war veteran and associate minister of National Defence, removing his wooden leg in preparation for action.

Or so one reads.


Is that a prosthetic device, or…

  1. I know I shouldn’t laugh at a veteran/wooden leg, but picturing the folks listening all curious and investigative me me laugh so hard.

    Just like this comment on Aaron Wherry’s, Commons, blog about Peter Van Loan

    comment by Roslyn on 29 May 2008:

    May 29,2008: When I watch the antics in the HOC and see Peter Van Loan jump up, he reminds me of a younger Jackie Gleason and I expect him to say”And away we go”

    …I really have to cut down on my morning java – it’s making me silly.

  2. What a hoot!
    Baby, drop your leg.

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