Is the CBC dumbing down? -

Is the CBC dumbing down?

Some say that if it’s not light and fluffy, the CBC doesn’t want it


The CBC’s ratings are up, with four shows that draw over a million viewers, as well as good numbers for scripted dramas like Heartland and Republic of Doyle. But there are charges they’ve increased viewership the old-fashioned way: by turning away anything that isn’t fluffy and mainstream. Ken Finkleman, who created The Newsroom for the CBC, says that Canada’s public broadcaster turned down his latest edgy half-hour comedy, Good Dog, which he had to take to cable instead. “Forget about dark and edgy,” Finkleman told The Globe and Mail, “the CBC only seems to want warm and friendly.”

The Globe and Mail

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Is the CBC dumbing down?

  1. She notes that the BBC recently announced it is making a reality show called Hotter Than My Daughter. “If you compare that to Dragons' Den and Battle of the Blades,” says Stewart, “I think we're doing pretty good.”

    This, folks, is the real Armageddon.

  2. I miss the CBC that made shows like "Made In Canada" and "Twitch City".

  3. the article didn't make any refer to the Tenekye hiring?

  4. I completly agree with the first comment. Canadas media is much more intellgent then other countrys. If you compair even canada’s google search to the U.S while they were in the middle of there health care refome canadiens search it more the them! But to the guy who is complaing the his show was turned down by CBC could it be that the show wasn’t up to the standerds of the Canadain Brodcasting Copration(CBC)? (also pleas to take my gramer or spelling as a reflection on canadien intellagents, I would like to blam it on that fact I’m on my iPhone but I can’t spell anyways)

    • Yo, Travis, maybe you should use the spellcheck on your computer or bust open a dictionary before sharing your pearls of wisdom on the CBC. Oh, wait, it's a comedy bit, right?

  5. "Warm and friendly" isn't the same thing as "fluffy" or "dumbing down".

    Conversely, "dark and edgy" isn't the same thing as "smart" or "insightful".

  6. CBC Newsworld is good …scripted dramas etc i can do without ..The National and Doczone are great …Lange O'Learey Exchange is very un-CBC ..maybe the Tories are changing the CBC to not be a Liberal mouthepiece

  7. Since CBC TV is partly commercial, I'd be fine with it becoming more market-oriented if that meant bringing in enough money to smarten up CBC Radio again. I miss being able to listen to really good interviewers talk to authors and musicians and artists I'd never heard of and make me love them. Now half the radio show hosts are musicians, and as program hosts, well, let's just say they're great musicians. A lot of the variety and interest has been sacrificed to the cause of cool. …which may be good for market share, but I'm missing my cultural enrichment.

  8. CBC?…OH! …right!….never watch that channel!

  9. Never watch CBC TV anymore; CBC Radio works on the assumption that music is the new sports. Do listen to Cross Country Checkup for ten minutes to become repulsed by the amateur intellectualism of Rex Murphy; I then turn it off.

    As a general rule, I find there is nothing less pleasing then the sound of a CBC personality laughing at their own bon mots!

    And I used to be the biggest supporter of the CBC imaginable but now, I am beyond their demographics so they do not care about me.

    Back at ya!