Is this the stupidest attack ad ever? -

Is this the stupidest attack ad ever?

Despite a bevy of worthy challengers Carly Fiorina may have taken the crown


It’s certainly memorable—but probably not for the reasons California’s GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina was hoping. Fiorina’s latest attack ad trashing her Republican rival Tom Campbell is a glorious mix of the preposterous and the absurd, with a healthy dose of mean-spiritedness to top it off. The spot begins with an image of a sheep being hoisted up on a pedestal while a gentle-voiced narrator mocks Campbell: “Wholesome. Honorable. True Believers. Men like Tom Campbell, who would never lead us astray.” But the sheep is soon struck down by a bolt of lightning as it stares into the camera with glowing red eyes. The ad then attempts to expose Campbell as a “fiscal liberal” and a “FCINO: Fiscal Conservative In Name Only.” The Fiorina camp said the goal was to “produce something that people are talking about and something relatively inexpensive to produce.” While both those may be true, it’s come at the expense of also being something people will mock for years to come.


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Is this the stupidest attack ad ever?

  1. it is hard to say what makes this so memorable, the music or the glowing red eyes. The "troops in our streets" ad of the Liberals a few years back pales in comparison.

    • It's a pity the troops add was pulled and apologized for almost immediately, it might have sustained conservative outrage to the crack of doom.
      The add was very , very funny though. The unintended sheep voice over/dubbing was absolutely priceless. If we could make adds like this up here i might become a fan.

  2. That ad was hilarious! I'm sitting at work with tears welling in my eyes because I'm trying so hard not to laugh. That first peak from behind the tree with the glowing eyes? It almost killed me.

    I can't decide if it's a gag or if it's serious. If it's serious it might be even better.

    • Watching it again and hearing the sheep-tone overdubbing makes it even better! Awesome.

  3. Stupidest? Awesome ad. What's not to like about demon sheep? I wish we had anti-taxes, demon sheep ads up here. Certainly better than what we get now.

  4. Now if only the Iggy ads had that demonic sheep behind him when he was in the park!

    • Too bad the ad wasn't Australian.

      • You'd need roos then, right mate!

  5. After watching this ad, I was wondering what exactly is Carly Fiorina's platform? Attack ads are the lowest of the low for political campaigns, not only for smearing an opponent, but for NOT saying exactly what the candidate paying for the ads will do if elected. This one is one of the worst! FCINO? Acronyms are supposed to sound cool and have a catchy ring…but FCINO?

    • Mr. Fiorino is not a sheep! Or, if he is, he doesn't have glowing red eyes, unlike his not-a-sheep glowing-eyed opponent. If that isn't reason enough to vote for him what is?

  6. is this comedy?

  7. eh…Demonic Sheep?

    This is a lot like John Oliver's corporate attack ad targeting Jon Stewart…. only cornier. Fiorina should drop out of politics and join the Daily Show.

  8. I would vote for that women, someone who so obviously lacks a sense of humor as to not see how funny that video is, must be the most fiscally conservative person in the world.