Is TIME magazine building a paywall? -

Is TIME magazine building a paywall?

The website appears to no longer offer full-length articles available in print or on iPad


TIME Magazine’s website used to give away full versions of all its articles for free, but users who log on today can only get a paragraph of some stories from the latest edition. A message with each reads, “The following is an abridged version of an article that appears in the July 12, 2010 print and iPad editions of TIME.” That’s evidence that the magazine is planning to make people pay for their content from now on, according to an article from the Nieman Journalism Lab. TIME’s managing editor told the New York Times recently that it was “very profitable last year,” notes the Nieman author. Rival Newsweek has been struggling.

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Is TIME magazine building a paywall?

  1. As a consumer I hate the idea. That said, I understand the reason for the paywall. I have been a paper subscriber to Macleans for years and years, this year I am letting it run out due to the free availability on the web. Plus, I really truly love the comments, they are the best!