Is Toronto a terrorist haven? -

Is Toronto a terrorist haven?

CSIS chief says those looking to acquire restricted materials are “very, very active in this area”


CSIS director Richard Fadden says his agency spends a lot of its time monitoring would-be terrorists “in the Toronto area” who are looking to amass weapons-related materials. “Toronto has more (of) the scientific, industrial, technological base than many other parts of Canada,” Fadden said in a recording by the Royal Canadian Military Institute and obtained by CTV News. “There are a lot of people who are very, very active in this area to try and acquire technology,” in defiance of international law. Fadden recently found himself in hot water after revealing CSIS was concerned about Canadian politicians falling under the sway of foreign government. In the recording, Canada’s spy chief expands on those comments to include even federal politicians. “Even more worrisome, and this is a new trend in Canada, are the growing number of instances, where attempts are being made to influence – surreptitiously, in secret, covertly – municipal, provincial and federal politicians,” he said.

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Is Toronto a terrorist haven?

  1. Money is taken from your paycheque and given to people who are determined not to be Canadian, that's multiculturalism. It is not surprising then that the entire range of imagined grievances that people hold around the world would be reflected in Toronto – we pay them to believe they are something other than Canadian and some of these other people support terrorism. Besides that, it's well documented that support for terrorism is regularly preached at houses of 'worship' in Toronto.

    • Yea multiculturalism is pretty pathetic, I'm with you on that point

    • "multiculturalism" is the trojan horse of Toronto (Canada too). only problem is we made it for the outsiders, not the other way around! the raiders are infiltrating every level of our society and we are letting them do so. i wonder when someone in the proper level will realize this and do something about it!!

  2. Multiculturalism was hoped to be a Canadian society with multiple backgrounds co-existing with a common purpose.
    Unfortunately we've gotten "little" communities forming within Canada that don't feel or want to feel Canadian. It hardly seems remarkable that a few individuals would be detached enough to undermine our society.
    The greater concern would be if persons of acquired influence being able to undermine the citizenry of Canada.

    • That's because multiculturalism as a federal policy — or even a philosophy — is a nullity. It stands for nothing by standing for everything.

  3. if its a terrorist haven then i guess the terrorists arent exactly doing a bang up job of being terrorists.

    or the cops are doing a good job of catching them.

    either way, i havnt exactly seen any cars exploding or hostage situations since….ever. so yah, calling toronto a haven is a bit of a stretch to say the least

    • From what we've seen so far most of these "terrorists" are complete idiots. I'm surprised most of them can tie their shoes.

    • It's not for a lack of trying, drew. That's the point of this article. It's only a matter of time because some "martyr" falls through the cracks and succeeds in committing a terrorist act.

    • it is easy to ask, "So where are they?" what you have to understand is that they are not entirely fools. some of them are overzealous and makes dumb mistakes, i'll admit, but the majority of them are living amongst us in plain sight. they use our social system against us. our legal system is like a toy for them. we have no protection against them because many of us think "freedom" is the most important thing in the world. "freedom" is important, no doubt, but there is such a thing and "duty and responsibility", virtues that have been lost in the struggle for "freedom". this leads to anarchy, which is what the terrorists are looking forward to. this issue is demonstrated amply by the protests going on against the police these days following the G20 summit. all the irresponsible people who were there to take pictures and seeking material against the police are protesting the fact that they were not allowed to enjoy the destruction spread by their fellow anarchists. common sense dictates that if you gather is a crowd to protest (anything) THERE WILL BE A FEW NUTS THERE TO DISRUPT THE PROCEEDINGS…ALWAYS!! this is the kind of propaganda the terrorists are looking for to help them recruit more disgruntled citizens. they can't do that be blowing up cars and stuff. it is easier for them to identify people in such situations. the fact that you don't see them does not mean they are not there!!

  4. I seem to recall a media frenzy when reports appeared from the Toronto Police Service about a man purchasing 1600 kilograms of ammonium nitrate in the Niagara region and driving it into Toronto in early June when paranoia was reaching its peak just before the twin summits.

    Was that poor fellow, who proved to be innocent, one of the "would be terrorists" that CSIS is watching so intently in the Toronto area?

    • No, he was probably planning a grow op….Just picked a bad time to pull that off…

  5. The whole world will soon be multi-cultural, so let's not get too paranoïd about other cultures. The dominant concern should be to ensure democracy, human rights, and fair fiscal policies are maintained. All human beings respect these, no matter what their cultural make-up.

    • The whole world will soon be multi-cultural? Really? Last time I checked there was not much enthusiasm for multi-culturalism outside of North America and Western Europe. In fact, it seems that multi-culturalism is a phenomenon that results from people fleeing en masse from failed states to prosperous ones—and then being encouraged to retain the cultures of their failed states of origin! Who would have guessed though, that encouraging people to identify primarily with the land of their birth (or parents' birth) would lead to people in Canada getting caught up in the endless conflicts of those lands???

      • Well said!!

  6. in related news: maclean's is a haven for bad journalists.


  7. It follows then that the Sun and the National Post are havens for those who can't write but call themselves journalists…..

  8. No wonder what damage has beed done to Canada through multi-cult crap.
    Isn't Toronot the city where 10000 muslims attended conference to listen to islamo-fascist from India?

    • muslims will gather to hear anything against the west and Israel at anytime. that is their "strength". the unity that will ultimately break Western civilization unless we can unite (wishful thinking) against them.

  9. Lets see, is Toronto a terrorist haven? Lets use a bit of logic on this.

    Liberals strive for "a very open and inclusive society" and establish "politically correct behaviour" to ensure it.
    Toronto is largely a "Liberal, politically correct, open and inclusive society"
    Terrorists gravitate towards societies where their actions can be hidden: aka a politically correct, "open and inclusive societiy"
    Stands to reason that Toronto would be a terrorist haven.

    • fairly sound logic!

  10. I find it amusing when people whose ancestors arrived in Canada in the 19th century or early 20th century accuse people who immigrated to Canada in the late 20th century or 21st century of not being "real Canadians". We're talking a difference of two or three generations at most. Anyone who is not one of the First Nations people is a Johnny-come-lately, at least in historical terms.

    From what I've seen, immigrants to Canada are as proud of our country as those of us who were born here. Perhaps even more so, since they chose to move here. It takes a generation or two for Canadian immigrants to fully blend into society – that was certainly the case for those who immigrated from Britain or Western Europe in the first waves of migration to Canada.

    Of course, the definition of what a Canadian is will likely evolve over time, but the basic Canadian values and freedoms are not likely to change.

    • There's a definition of what a Canadian is? I'd love to hear it.
      There is nothing more Canadian than our ability to apologize.
      I suspect that it is our apologetic and forgiving nature that is leading to these problems.
      So…whatever "Canadian" is we should be less that and more something else.
      We should be less apologetic, less forgiving, less accommodating, less accepting and less inclusive.

    • Sixty years ago immigrants were mainly coming from Europe. They shared common universal values for western culture, that's why they assimilated so well and build wealth in this country.
      Nowdays most of immigrants come from third world countries (most of them are islamic). They do not share our universal values and they are attracted by weak immirgration laws and easines of getting free welfare and health care.
      Lot's of them hate everything what western values represent and they do everything to destroy us from inside.
      When people finally understand that immigration modern profile destroys this country!!!


  11. In other news, Pope is Catholic, bears crap in woods, and water is wet.

  12. What timing!?….Get into your Bunker quickliy!!!..Were being Hit by weapons of mass propaganda! Im sure that Joseph Goebbels is giggling, even cackling even from his grave!.

    Theres been a great invasion of Fakery coming from dark sinister paid-off globalist fascist new world order forces!!!Taken from the Rockefeller books "all we need if the right crisis (staged/betrayal/setup/fakery/)and the world will accept the New world order".

    Anyones who's ever read the book of Daniel and Revelation knows its called endtime satanic-intelligence-forces.
    Can you imagine what Propaganda!, what giggles!,what Fakery! .What psy-ops!.."Terrorist in Toronto acquiring technology?.Reminds me of the fake weapons "stash" that Bill Blair was promoting/brainwashing the other week!.What a joke!!.Great lakes fakery!

    …Hmmm yah they'll protect you? NO! THEY WILL SET YOU UP AND BETRAY YOU!.
    Know whom you serve!, Know whom you follow!.FOLLOW JESUS! and arise from all this wickedness and darkness or be choked by the thick clouds of propaganda!

  13. I really love it here in my eternal-bunker! (God gave me)
    I carry it with me wherever i go!
    For real!
    Even my handful,.heartful, mindful (of Gods truth)

    Truth after truth and promise after promise.

    Gives me great Hope in these times of darkness!

    How can people live without God?, the hopelessness, the lies, the emptiness.

    And then were fed this kind of darkness!?….further killing the nation!….sad "Oh Canada no one stands on guard for thee".., but they stand on guard to betray thee…without Gods light,without Gods glory,we go into tyranny,darkness and bondage!.slavery!.Repent!QUick!! or you'll perish with it!