Islamists storm Chechen parliament -

Islamists storm Chechen parliament

Attack leaves at least three dead, threatens to de-stabilize region


Armed Islamist militants stormed the Chechen parliament on Tuesday morning, leaving at least three dead and half a dozen injured.  At least three gunmen went on a rampage after breaking into the parliament building. According to several witness accounts one might have blown himself up in a suicide attack. The Russian government said all members of parliament had been safely evacuated as special units moved in to neutralize the militants. The attack runs in the face of Russia’s claim to have stabilized the region after battling a separatist insurgency there in two wars in the 1990s.

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Islamists storm Chechen parliament

  1. Canadians should keep in mind that Radical Islamist groups will not be satisfied with taking over the Middle East. They want to take over the West as well and immigration is the method by which they can get as many supporters as possible on Western soil. Every pro-immigration politician is a collaborator with the Radical Islamists' planned holocaust of the West. No exceptions, no excuses. You might want to contact your MP and find out where he/she stands on the immigration/invasion issue.

    • Chechnya isn't in the Middle East.

      • you are right. Chechnya is so far away from here that we should just listen to the news and not worry.

  2. Islamists in Canada planned to do exactly the same thing but were busted by the cops. We are very fortunate that most of these guys are morons, but once in a while they will successfully kill people in the civilized world. More should be done to stop them from killing people, but the public doesn't seem to have the stomach for preventing the killings, so they will continue until enough blood is shed. The question is how much? How many innocent people have to be killed before the average 'Soccer Mom' voter gets fed up? It seems the average voter has a high level of 'tolerance' for religious killings, but there must be some point at which they say 'no more'? Hopefully a point not too late.

    • And, you solution is… Glass them all?

    • Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. – Albert Einstein

  3. Chechens muslims are one of most primitive ones, perhaps even wors than Pakis.
    Fortunatelly Rusia has guts and willing (unlike Canadanistan) to stop those apes from killing more ppl.
    So very soon we should see Russian military intervention down there.

  4. gawd! there should be a pap test for ignorance, if one has it deport them to antarctica no questions asked, oh, with a one way ticket…antarctica needs to be colonized

    • Antarctica is already populated with very smart penguins, at least in some places. the ignorant should be sent to another planet, preferably unpopulated, so that they can practice their brand of genius on each other only!