Israel attacks aid convoy to Gaza -

Israel attacks aid convoy to Gaza

UPDATED: Israel claims self-defense as critics deplore violence


At least 19 people are dead and dozens more injured after Israeli troops attacked a convoy of ships in international waters bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza, Al Jazeera is reporting. The flotilla was attacked 65 km off the Gaza coast as it aimed to break Israel’s siege on Gaza. The flotilla left Cyprus on Sunday to reach Gaza by Monday morning, but Israel claimed the boats were engaged in an “act of provocation” against the Israeli military instead of providing aid, and that it issued warrants to prohibit their entrance, noting that the flotilla would be breaking international law by landing there. Organizers, mostly pro-Palestinian advocates from the UK, Ireland, Algeria, Kuwait, Greece and Turkey, rejected this claim. Israeli military spokesperson Avital Leibovich said: “This happened in waters outside of Israeli territory, but we have the right to defend ourselves.” Al Jazeera’s correspondent said a white surrender flag was coming from the ship and there was no live fire coming from the passengers.

UPDATE: The BBC is now reporting “at least” nine people are dead after armed Israeli forces boarded an aid vessel carrying 500 people overnight some 40 miles out to sea. Israel says its soldiers were attacked with axes, knives, bars and guns when they boarded the ship, with government spokesperson Mark Regev saying the activists onboard “were dead-set on confrontation.” “”Live fire was used against our forces,” Regev said. “They initiated the violence, that’s 100% clear.” The aid convoy’s organizers, however, say the attack by Israeli soldiers was unprovoked. “We heard some of them shouting ‘we are raising the white flag, stop shooting at us’,” said Arafat Shoukri of the Free Gaza Movement, who was on the phone with those onboard.

The incident was met with protests around the world, including a strongly worded condemnation from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who called Israel’s actions “inhumane state terrorism.” Most of the nine dead are believed to have been from Turkey. Meanwhile, Greece, Egypt, Sweden, Spain and Denmark summoned Israel’s ambassadors demanding explanations for the violence, while Spain and France condemned what they called the disproportionate use of force. The UN Security Council is meeting to discuss the violence, with one Western diplomat suggesting council members may adopt a statement voicing their shock at the incident and possibly backing UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon’s call for an investigation.

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Israel attacks aid convoy to Gaza

    • Israel has the right to defend their country.

      • They do not have the right to starve the people of Gaza and to keep them trapped in a ghetto.

        • They are not starving! Though, it's great propaganda!

          • As someone living in the West Bank and sees the 12 meter wall and has friends in Gaza- this is not a joke. Israel attacked a ship with important supplies in International waters. Wake up Americans and Canadians! Israel stole this land and the people of Palestine are innocent. They have the right to have food and medical supplies. (from an American in Ramallah.)

          • If you count something as stolen which was gained in a war, then just about every country on this Earth has either stolen land in their domain, or has been stolen from.

          • Stolen land and stolen water; and Israel keeps stealing more land.

        • Holly Stick, does not the elected government of Gaza have the DUTY to take care of their people versus paying terrorists? You have no idea what you are typing. These backward Muslim countries do NOT take care of their people, they do NOT have bomb shelters. Give your head a shake!!

          • It's racist, David, to point out that the reason Israel is a prosperous country and neighbouring Gaza is an impoverished dreck is because of backward Islamic values entrenching Muslims in unchanged, 7th century cesspools. Just in case you weren't caught up on the latest dhimmi-influenced politically correct garbage — I mean values.

    • So you're saying a ship out in open waters should have nothing to defend itself with if boarded by hostiles?

      I mean, I could understand what you were saying if they were attacking the IDF ships, but they weren't, they were dealing with IDF soldiers that had been dropped via helicopter on to *their* ship. That's illegal boarding, and is an attack.

      • "That's illegal boarding, and is an attack."

        The very definition of piracy.

        • But of course the ships where attempting to break a blockade, and the troops where there to enforce the blockade. The Boarding of blockaid runners is not piracy.

          The main purpose of those ships was not to deliver aid, but rather to force the IDF into military action.

          • An illegal blockade.

          • illegal or legal it doesn't matter, a blockade is in effect.

          • So any country.. by declaring it's set up a blockade, then gets free passage on to any ship in international waters that they like?

          • I suppose, in international waters, maybe they do. But, then, they can hardly cry about the resulting bloodbath. Well, actually, they can and they will, because that was quite likely the entire point of the exercise. But we don't have to be terribly moved. Think Rachel Corrie and her fatal defence of terrorist tunnels against an IDF Caterpillar.

          • Legal or not, these "activists" knew exactly what they were doing in provoking the Israelites to attack them. Their intentions were to be martyrs and they found what they sought.

          • I see you're getting the thumbs down for showing this video and yet no one has the guts to refute or counterargue what you've contributed. Although it is difficult to argue against the truth in colour, it's certainly not impossible or else politicians and armchair leftists would be jobless.

          • Step talking sense, Gaunilon.

            If I put myself in the shoes of the people on ship, I would not begin assaulting the army! It's the equivalent of being pulled over for speeding and then attacking the officer who approaches your car. That's a person with a gun and they may use deadly force as trained. I'm not sure what the soldiers were supposed to do — fall down and bow at their Muslim masters?

          • No, actually, it's more the equivalent of being pulled over by Hell's Angels and then attacking them when they climb in your car with weapons.

          • You've now compared the Israeli navy to the Hells Angels and the Somali pirates. You really just don't get the difference, do you?

          • Would you prefer it if I called them the Somali Navy?

            Tell me, what do you call it if someone boards your ship in international waters with the intention of taking it from you? Happy times?

            You really don't get it at all, do you?

          • Thwim, if you are knowingly challenging a naval blockade at sea or an armed police checkpoint on land, you oughta have your head examined if you survive the encounter. The comparison to Hells Angels and Somali pirates is most definitely not apt.

          • No, YOU seem to fail to understand that when you attack an armed force the consequences may include being shot dead. Gaunilon posted a video of IDF troops being attacked before they even landed aboard.

            One of the tenets of Islam is that martyrdom is rewarded in the afterlife. You may be of the crowd that believes Christianity, which deplores suicide, is similar to Islam, which condones it as a means to "defending" Allah. You are wrong. For a woman in the video Minotaure posted above, for her happy endings include martyrdom. These are not crazy people — they are devout. You would be remiss not to understand the difference.

          • 9 dead. None IDF soldiers.
            Who's killing who here?

      • "That's illegal boarding, and is an attack."

        No it isn't. Israel is enforcing a blockade on Gaza to keep weapons supplies from getting to Hamas. Israel has the legal right to inderdict a ship in international waters if it is heading through the blockade and ignores warnings to stop, as this one did.

        Even if we grant for the sake of argument that the boarding was illegal, that wouldn't justify trying to murder the soldiers as they drop to the deck. They weren't there to attack the passengers – they were there to take control of the ship (peacefully if possible) and turn it around.

        • So if Somali pirates declare they're enforcing a blockade they have the right to board any ship in international waters that is heading through it?

          • Yes that's right. The Israeli navy, attempting to keep weapons out of Gaza and offering to let vessels through if they first submit to a search, is just like Somali pirates trying to loot passing ships.

            And totally ok to respond to such an interdiction by beating the crap out of the soldiers as they land on deck, right? Do you hold the same opinion concerning weapons smugglers who decide to attack Canadian sailors during interdictions in the Persian Gulf?

          • So you're saying that one organized group of people, if it's primarily black people, does not have the same right as another organized group of people, if it's primarily jewish, to randomly declare a blockade and then use that as pretext to board someone else's ship. I see.

            It IS totally okay to respond to armed people illegally boarding your ship by doing whatever is necessary to get them off your ship. Or do you argue that civilians should not be allowed to resist when pirates board their vessel?

            As for Canadian Soldiers during the Persian Gulf, in case you don't remember, they were enforcing UN imposed sanctions, not a random country's decision.

          • Yep, you've got it – I must just be a racist. Well done.

            "It IS totally okay to respond to armed people illegally boarding your ship by doing whatever is necessary to get them off your ship. "

            No actually, it isn't. You have to respond with proportionate force. Going from "you're trespassing" to "I'm going to kill you" is a big leap, particularly in cases like this where it's quite clear that no one is going to get hurt and nothing is going to get stolen if people don't overreact.

            Speaking of overreacting, I do wish you'd stop calling the Israeli Navy "pirates".

            And as to Canadian soldiers, so far as I know there are Canadian frigates in the Gulf helping with interdiction to this day, both for the Iraq War and the Afghanistan conflict. I could be wrong, but I'm inclined to think it's not entirely sanctioned by the UN.

          • Hm. A force armed with lethal weaponry comes on to my ship. What's proportionate? Do I have to wait until they actually kill someone before I'm allowed to hit them?

            Nine people dead. None of them IDF members. Who's use of force was disproportionate here?

          • What you are talking about is what is considered in criminal law to to be the salient factor in determining one's guilt or innocence as to assault. Was the assault provoked? Was it agreed to? Was the defendant defending himself? If so, he is not guilty.

            Maybe this one will move you: pre-emptive war. That thing leftists hated on George Bush for. Iraq didn't attack the United States, but they may have nuclear weaponry so let's get in there and get them before they kill someone.

            Do you understand now?

    • Go to BBC and see what really happened, like I take what Al jazeera say at face value.

  1. @Truth

    What about using them to cut potatoes to eat and those molotov cocktail were used to be drinks before Israeli troops attacked.

    You should call a duck a duck not a swan. Hope the next IDF-propaganda check you receive does include a little extra for being so imaginative to find an excuse for something that has none.

  2. humanitarian aid was an excuse for them to confront israel forces! israel have enough problems trying to keep out terrorists, do gooders ? more like trouble makers

    • Keep buying that Zionist propaganda.

      • well you are buying proganda of a different kind

    • Agreed.
      Nobody should be surprised by this outcome. It was going to happen the moment those ships left port.

  3. why is Al-Jazeera being quoted. Even this title suggests a bias in favour of Gaza. If an objective article is ever to be written, then an objective news agency ( or a more objective one) should be used as a reference.

    • Rueters is reporting the same thing. Google this attack, no one is happy that Israel attacked in international waters, which happens to be illegal.

      • It was not an attack. It became one once the IDF got attacked.

        • Yes it was,it happened in international waters and unprovoked too.

  4. Ah the Nazis use to do the same thing. Who cares?

  5. Is the fact that these ships were reportedly carrying weapons to aid in attacks carried out against Israel even considered?

    • weapons…reportedly….. please show proof…i.e corpses !

    • Since the reports are quite likely to be lies put out by the government of Israel, no. The IDF chose to board those ships in international waters, and since no IDF soldiers have been killed, it is most unlikely that the ship carried weapons with the intention of attacking the IDF.

      • Heck, even the last time Israel was making war on Gaza (not the regular small attacks) It managed to kill some of its own soldiers by "friendly fire".

        • Almost every war has friendly fire casualties. It's a part of war.

  6. USING PHOSPHORUS BOMB… killing Palestine s' babies n children, do u mean it's the Israel right in defending their country?

    As Lord Andrew Phillips said, the truth is this is not really an occupation of the West Bank at all (n Gaza of course), its colonisation – aggressive on going colonisation! Imagine if this situation was reversed, if it was the Palestinians doing this to the Jews would the reaction of this government (and u all out there) and the world be the same?

    • You bring war to my people, I'll finish you off.

      It's happened before, and it'll happen again.

      Your people's fate won't be any different, Mahmoud.

    • This incoherence has 7 thumbs up. I weep for the future.

  7. If a country was constantly trying to attack the United States, then the United States would stand-up for itself, and protect itself in any way that it can. The right for Israel to defend itself is only being debated because some people see it as a non-legitimate state. If people began to see it as a legitimate state, then it has every right to seek protection again people who wish to see it's demise.

    • the simple reason that the occupation of the west bank is "illegal " under international law is self explainitory

      • Israel is trying real hard to convince people that it should not be allowed to exist. It has got to stop killing innocent people.

        • What about all the innocent people that the rockets from the Palestinians kill?

          • What about a proportionate response instead of mass murder?

          • Forget proportionate. Hamas had been warned many times. Sending a rocket into a school was unacceptable. Mass murder? I don't think so. Innocents did die, which is a tragedy (especially if it is children), but innocents also died in Israel. If the rockets were never fired, there would have not been any deaths. I lay the blame of the "mass murder" at the feet of Hamas. It was due to their actions that people died.

          • Lay the blame? Gimme a break. This is all religion-induced bull.

          • What? You have stopped defending Hamas? Why?

        • Indeed. Muslims do a good job of that when they walk into open air bazaars, universities, police stations, embassies, etc. and detonate themselves in the name of matrydom.

          If Hamas were ever to garner the financial abliity to acquire nuclear weapons, they would blow Israel off the face of this planet. Israel has had nuclear weapons for years and yet Palestine, Gaza still exist. If the situation were reversed and the Muslim extremists had the capability to exterminate all Jewish kaffirs to please Allah, they would do so in a heartbeat. This, as you might be wondering, is why world leaders are campaigning aggressively against Iran and other Nations of Islam from acquiring nuclear weaponry. I won't sugarcoat it for you and you won't like it, but that's the truth.

  8. Harper says Canada deeply regrets the loss of life. Especially since Harper has been aiding and abetting Israel's war crimes; so yes he and we have some of that blood on our hands.

    Remember when the IDF murdered 4 UN observers in Lebanon and Harper blamed the victims for being there? Remember Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener of the PPCLI?

    • After the review of the incident the Major's wife wrote a letter:

      "…· Paeta's death, with his fellow Peace Keepers: Hans of Austria, Jarno of Finland, and Du, of The Republic of China: was entirely preventable.
      · The Security Council (as an instrument responsible for maintaining international law, international peace and security) must condemn violations of UN Protection – in no uncertain terms…"

  9. First Holly Stick, you loose all credibility by crediting Wikipedia as a source, and secondly, why is the fact that combatatnts were hiding among hospitals and civilians in order to corner Israel into a loose-loose situation ever mentioned.

    • Why are you talking about people hiding among hospitals and civilians? The UN compound was a free standing building and no one else was near it, the IDF bombed it for six hours before they managed to murder the unarmed UN observers, the IDF had been told many times that they were attacking a UN post but they continued to bomb it. War Crime. Murder.

    • Well said,

    • Wikipedia in and of itself is not invalid just for being Wikipedia. Wikipedia will provide an overview of a topic and references for claims made. Which is much more than we can say for most of the posters on this board.

  10. In what percentage of cases does "pro-Palestinian advocate" mean anything other than "Israel-hating fellow-traveler of Hamas and Hezbollah?" Violence and death are always regrettable — and anyone who thinks this outcome isn't some variation of what Free Gaza wanted is kidding themselves.

  11. they cant have it both ways……….. our land to the east……… our seas to the west…. the lines were drawn up and ignored

    • You talk non-sense, as though you just arrived on planet earth. Go home, Dude. Get some rest, jerk it, it'll make you feel better.

  12. Are people aware that Reuters takes its information from other news agencies (i.e. Al-Jazeera)?

  13. on the other hand , 10 people blown up in Kabul… nobody seems to give a …..

  14. Its perfectly legal for "humanitarian aid" to be delivered via land, the only reason these feinds took it upon themselves to go by boat was to stir up the pot and harrass and disrupt Israels efforts to blockade the terror haven of gaza. The idf soldiers came prepared to deal with activits and were instead attacked by violent aggitators. They defended themselves appropriately, people should watch the video of an "activist" stabbing an idf soldier repeatedley and people should remember that Israels army is an army of teenagers who put their lives on the line to defend their country.

    • What evidence do you have that the IDF was attacked. Especially since the IDF chose to board those ships illegally, in international waters. Don't the people on the ship have the right to defend themselves?.

      • Do you really think that the IDF would attack and kill people on the boats without provocation? They are not idiots.

        EDIT: I've just seen some videos where the IDF were attacked.

        • Would you mind showing us those non-existent videos?

          • I didn`t spot anything,sorry.Nice try,but pathetic.No wonder the damn video had disabled comments.

          • How can you not see it? It's right there! Maybe you just don't want to see it! It is obvious what is going on.

          • I don`t even see anything,just bunch of bullshit circles with dots from the IDF,nobody can see anything.I don`t see things that are not there,like you do.

          • There is nnothing,just a bunch of circles and dots,I don`t see things that are not there,like you do.What`s 'right there'?Dots and circles form the IDF,yeah sure.

          • I suggest you put on some glasses then. After your last comment, my suspicions have been proved correct: you are a waste of my time. If you can't acknowledge/perceive what is happening in the video, than you are either purposefully ignoring the truth, or you lack the mental capacity to comprehend the video.

          • Ahaha,I am a waste of yo0ur time,I don`t acceopt hiogwash as fact.I don`t need glasses,you do,because you see what`s not there.Mental capacity my foot,you don`t even have one for starters

        • Ther IDF does kill people without provocation all the time.

          • The article that we are commenting under,they just killed innocent unamrmed people for starters

          • That is a blatant lie.

          • The fastest way to avoid a debate is to scream 'lies',idiot

          • I am sure it is a lie,which is why you can`t answer or show us what the lie is,just scream 'lies'.

          • Who are you anyway? Yet another who talks non-sense, as though he just dropped down from outer-space. To you I say the same as to the other mentally challenged bozo: Go home, get some rest, maybe even consider jerking it… Trust me, it'll make you feel better.

          • Another one,can`t refute anything I say,take your own advice and stew in your own filth while you`re at it,hahaha

          • it is interesting to note that everything that disagrees with you is a lie. Maybe you should start with your own "fact check" unless you are just supporting an agenda to be critical of the actions of a legal state that does take a responsible position in ethics in our world

    • a blockade!? they're just trying to help and make a point at the same time. the only blockade is the one that exists around every palestinian family, put there by the greedy israelis who now realise that their allotted space is nowhere near large enough to support those who are moving there from america in droves to take advantage of the weather.

    • What about the blockade being illegal?

  15. "Israeli military spokesperson Avital Leibovich said: “This happened in waters outside of Israeli territory, but we have the right to defend ourselves.”

    So it is true that Israel boarded the ships in international waters. Is this a first? I'm stunned. Just stunned that they would do this.

    • That's a hell of a pro-active defense, that's for sure.

  16. I'm loving the propaganda on this one. These aid ships were intent on attacking Israeli soldiers?!?

    As if anyone in their right mind would bring switchblades and baseball bats to face off with the IDF.

    How dumb do they think we are? That's what happens when media lines are written up in haste.

    • dont call my opinion propoganda like yours fact bro. The flotilla of aid ships were predicting an escalation well before the event took place. Interviews with members and organizers shows that the protesters wanted to provoke an israeli reaction, film it and document it with the camera crews on board, and gain international outcry and public support and condemnation against Israel. Of the seven ships in the flotilla, only one of them reacted violently: watch the video and the other ships did not. The activists used stun grenades, firebombs, large metal poles and other weapons against the unsuspecting soldiers. You need to stop pretending and realize that the flotilla members had every expectation that a conflict would arise and that it would be filmed.

      • You hit the nail on the head my brother. Habibi, You are not blinded by the political brainwashing that the rest of the world it.


      • Unsuspecting soldiers? Now you come out as antisemitic by calling the soldiers stupid?

        Trust me, They are not stupid at all. they knew this could happen, otherwise they wouldn't have boarded with loaded weapons.

        – Stunt grenades are not lethal weapons. They are used by the army and police to defuse potentially lethal situations.
        – The automatic guns are weapons, and are meant to be used with lethal results.

    • "I'm loving the propaganda on this one. These aid ships were intent on attacking Israeli soldiers?!?
      As if anyone in their right mind would bring switchblades and baseball bats to face off with the IDF.
      How dumb do they think we are? ."

      Perhaps you should check out one of the many available videos of the incident, like this one for example, before you go sounding off about how dumb they think you are.

    • People who don't have access to guns ie. Third Worlders, would bring switchblades and baseball bats to a fight. Gaunilon posted a video above that clearly shows soldiers being attacked before boarding the ship and the people on board VICIOUSLY attacking them with what appears to be metal rods. I don't know about you, but if the army comes to my house I'm not about to pick up a kitchen knife and attack. That is, unless I have a martyr-like death wish.

    • As dumb as those 'activists' were to attack very lightly armed commandos with metal rods, bats and knives. And they clearly aren't that far off PolPunk…

    • "How dumb do they think we are?"

      As dumb as those 'activists' were to attack very lightly armed commandos with metal rods, bats and knives.

      They clearly aren't that far off PolJunkie or should I say PolPunk…

  17. A bloackade entails preventing ships from entering gazan waters…. they must do this before the ships enter gazan waters. The ships should not have been there.. there was noooo good reason for the flotilla. The humanitarian aid could have easily be transported over land, legally. The Israeli Army is defending itself by preventing the transportation of certain raw materials used in the production of missles and rockets fired against israeli communities.

    • So, all of a sudden Israel is allowing cement and other essentials into Gaza by road? The supplies allowed over the past many months are not sufficient to keep the population going and no building supplies are allowed. The UN has made this clear. This is all to do with the expansion of the state of Israel and if it did not have the unquestioning support of the USA the nations of the world would stand against it. I am ashamed that the UK follows the USA line and does not make clear it's opposition to this aggressive nation. Look at the web site if americans knew and various sites that spell out the facts. I have a friend in the West bank and if we all knew the truth we would all feel ashamed by the actions of the Israeli government. Check out jews for justice for palestinians

      • Why can't the Gazan people supply their own needs, Glen? Do they not have credibility with others nations in trade? Or do you believe their are inferior by nature and not able to lift themselves up?

  18. Yalla Habibi

  19. I use to wonder why so many people hate the Jews.
    I have come to the conclusion years ago that:

    1. Muslims hate Jews for two reasons
    a. Jews are infidels, radical Muslims hate all infidels, non-jews and non-muslims should remember that.
    b. The Jews are in Palestine and it can be debated they took land illegally but I won't get into that argument. The fact is that they are there and are going to stay there and destroying Israel is not an option. All you Jew haters should remember that there are plenty of Muslims who would gleefully approve another holocaust.

    2. Some , perhaps too many Christians and so-called Christians and the looney left wing hate Jews because
    a. They are blamed for killing Christ.
    b. Centuries of hateful propaganda from the Christian churches.
    c. It's an old tradition to hate and be suspicious of people different from the majority.

    • Canuckguy

      Finding fault with the aggressive acts of the Israeli military and the state of Israel is not "jew-hating". Get a grip.
      Or point out any other state in the world who gets to pull this crap without equivalent outcry.

      • Any other Western state or any state at all? The latter would consist of too many countries to count.

    • Some of us hate whiners and liars of any race or religion.

    • Check out what many Jews think think about their government if you are interested in knowing facts For starters try jews for justice for palesinians

    • Israel was established as a home for Jewish people with wide support from the international community because of the horrible abuse Jews suffered in Europe under Hitler. Now we are watching Israel act in uncomfortably similar ways to Hitler. That is why so many people around the world are reluctant to support Israel any longer.

      • Your argument equating Jews with Hitler
        is dispicable. You wanna have another try?

        • I did not equate Jews with Hitler or anyone else, you did that. I did say that Israel is acting in uncomfortably similar ways as Hitler did, which results in loss of support for them around the world. You will find that hundreds of thousands of Jews in Israel feel exactly the same way.

          • "Israel act(s) in uncomfortably similar ways to Hitler."
            That's equating or at the very least comparing all right!

            Umm… Wrong again. The left in Israel may be critical of its democratically elected government (thank goodness they for one can be), but they'd never go so far as to suggest that Israel treats the Palestinians like the Nazis treated the Jews i.e. dehumanize them before exterminating them.

            I wish I could tell you to fudge off, but it probably wouldn't be worth the bother.

  20. BTW, to all you left wing Western Jew baiters, the bottom line is that which sort of government would you want to live under if you just had two choices
    1. Jewish secular
    2. Muslim

    I would be interested in the answer from gays who march against Jews in support of Muslim aims. They hang gays from cranes in Iran and the rest of the Middle East Muslim is rather hostile to gays though most won't kill them via the legal system.

    • None of my Jewish friends or relatives are here right now, but I suspect they would prefer you stop trying to provide help they don't need.

      • So says a self hating Jew?

        • Ugh, this is what I get for replying to a troll.

          Never mind.

          • In case you want to continue, TJ, this Troll would like to know what statements of mine you disagree with (other than my facetious 'self hating Jew' remark?)

          • Thanks, I'll pass. There's nothing there worth debating.

    • Hey Canuck guy-

      I'd rather live under a Muslim regime, the have an ancient history, and some of the first human rights began over there. The Jewish regime is all based on propaganda… yeah it sucks that their race had a rough time during the mid 1940's but get over it already… it doesn't give you a blank check to do whatever the hell you want and to treat fellow humans like animals. They aren't the only race to suffer, just Jews don't get over it. Enough already !!!!

      First of all Iran and the middle East hang drug dealers…. maybe North America could learn a thing or two from them… they have all that opium over there, yet they can handle their poop unlike the dogs breakfast that Mexico has become.

    • Neither, you rightwing nut!

  21. Bloody animals those that bombed this flotilla! What a load of crap written by those above suggesting it was illegal. We had Scots on board with a lot of cargo donated by toe good people of dundee Scotland so stop trying to make out these ships were anything other than aid for the people of Gaza………murdering bastards the Israelis…they'll pay the price from the absolute horror from people all round the world.

    • You do realize that your country is being taken over by Muslims right?

      • What an foolish claim! You think Scotland is being taken over by Muslims? Idiotic.

  22. the ppl in the ship were a threat because they had firebombs? to isreal which has the best military technology and a nuclear bomb
    isreal just wants to find any isreal to kil
    and i dont know how can people live with that
    eventhough the had no weapons with them,how will even carrying a rocket launcher launcher affect isreal

    • So your logic is, because Isreal has advanced technology, that is just cause for killing another man?

    • If someone is trying to kill you, regardless if they have a plastic knife or a gun, I'm sure that you will do whatever to stop them with whatever you have at your disposal that will keep you the most safe.

      • Several aid ships making a very public run of an illegal blockade, carrying tonnes of medical supplies, some noted peace activists, 600 civilians and several European politicians were assaulted by cover of darkness in international waters by the IDF. The IDF then claims the ships in international waters were attacking them. Welcome to the inverted world where a modern military claims to be the victim when they screw up a simple board and search mission. Any way you slice it, Israel screwed the pooch on this one .. militarily, legally, the PR war, all of it. A full loss. Massive fail. On top of it, a bunch of peacenicks are dead. Good one.

        • Those who were boarded were attacked. Does not sound so peaceful to me.

        • In spite of my bile directed at those carping so much at Israel, I would be disturbed if, after the dust settles and the propaganda weeded out, it turns out there was nothing in the ships cargo that could be used offensively against Israel. As you say A . H. " Any way you slice it, Israel screwed the pooch on this one"

  23. wow, suddenly they bombed a floatilla?
    this is the best article ever, it shows how people love to prosecute Israel just because a few muslims acted the victim.

    • Actually Anthony, people don't "prosecute" Israel "becuase a few muslims acted the victim". I think you mean they persecute them, which, incidentally, isn't true. Israel has systematically endeavoured to destroy a whole nation. The Palestinian people have been forced out of THEIR country and THEIR homeland illegally, so please go and read up on the facts before sounding out your ill-founded, misguided, meaningless point of view. (And that goes for John as well – Israel isn't a legal state, so don't expect people to see it as one).

      • Actually, Palestine is not recognized as a country. And what gives you the idea tha Jews have not occupied Israel and Palestine for thousands of years? What gives you the idea that Palestine, which has given so much to the world, is the legitimate, legal state? And what to do about millions of Israelis who call their present geographical location home? You've made a callous, solutionless judgment about Israel, which does not seek to destroy Palestine or they would have detonated ages ago, but simply to protect their country against a people more ideologically vested in the hereafter than the here and now. But what I just said was racist, so continue on with your Israeli hating – it's a whiter, safer bet.

      • Glitter, I'm afraid we need to have a sit down. You fell asleep in Western Civ. class again and now you're playing catch-up because you've allowed yourself to be brainwashed by muslim propaganda, neatly crafted to make you feel smart, like if you know the truth above anyone else, kinda like a Dan Brown book.

        You should get your facts straight about the history of my people, a history which was already 3000 years in the making when your Lord and Saviour walked the Via Dolorosa. Like I said, you and I need to have a sitdown. Word.

  24. Go to YNET news for an account you won't find on the anti Isreali leftist news.

    The soldiers were using paintball guns and took serious beatings, and were shot at before using live ammunition.

    If this were an "attack" on a flotilla as portrayed, all of the ships would have been levelled.

    Violence occurred on one ship, because there were terrorist related violent men on that ship. Isreal offered to take the supplied by land, but this flotilla had everything to do with provoking, and precious little to do with supplying.

    Isreal, the only country in the world who doesn't have a "right" to defend itself.

    • Soldiers using paintball guns. Isn't that an insane idea?

      • If the soldiers were only expecting peaceful do-gooders (as they apparently encountered on the other ships), then paintball guns sounds like a reasonable, non-lethal option.

    • Oh, so you know for a fact that Israel would have taken the building supplies by land? Even though the blockade prevents those items from going in?

      I do not have all the facts, neither you do. I have to rely on analysis (Unfortunately biased by previous events).

      So, Paintball guns? Really? So, now it seems that it was all just a game and the people on board didn't get the joke?

    • You mean the only country in the world to do whatever the hell it wants all b/c of what happened over 70 years ago… enough is enough….

      I am sick of all their propaganda, I can see through it, and the Isreali government is no better then the suicide terrorists they help fuel through their continuous bull poop.

  25. Al Jeezera should not be quoted by a credible news source like Maclean'.s

    • Ah! Right. We should rely on that totally honest Canwest, instead? Or…CTV? Or…Sun media? Global TV, perhaps?
      Get your head… .. …. …!

      • Deflect, deflect, deflect.

  26. How are supplies such as cement , medical aid and school supplies a threat to the Israeli navy, I know some of the people referred to as fiends (above), they areenot that but civilians acting in the name of humanity in a situation which is unacceptable to anyone with a glimmer of reason, humanity left in them. What nation attacks constantly a nation of imprisoned civilians, shoots from a helicopter civilians in international waters and then whines it is because we are afraid of them, the Israelis, shame on you

    • dump.

    • maybe if they didn't shoot first…

      • disregard my Reply. I did not read fully what you wrote

    • What nation of "imprisoned civilians" indiscriminately shoots rockets into the neighboring civilian population, using schools and religious sites as cover? What sort of civilians allow themselves to be props in the ongoing PR war against the freest nation in the Middle East?

      • No one will respond to any of the critical arguments against Palestine, Hamas, and their renowned terrorist tactics. Only thumbs down for you, j.hart! This thread is ruining my reputation score, and yet I've remained unchallenged on nearly everything I've posted. Fancy that!

    • Imprisoned civilians?
      Like the ones in refugee camps in Jordan who still can't get citizenship there after almost what 60 – 70 years?
      Or like the HUGE armed, guarded walls that surround the Palis, like from Egypt and Jordan?
      Palis can't get citizenship in Lebanon either….why not?

  27. New line of defense for Somali pirates: "We boarded the ship and they attacked us, so we had to shoot"

    Israel's arguments are as ridiculous as that.

    The fact is Israeli soldiers attacked the ship, the people on board defended themselves.

    The only argument here would be "who initiated the hostility?". Was it the ships bringing non-aid items? or was it the Israeli army boarding an aid ship?

    • So…. of 7 total ships, that were supposed to have the same agenda…. one ship just happens to have arms and attacks the Isreali soldiers, whereas all the others stood down. I don't understand how you can use that argument. That's just a close minded belief to try and portray, like everyone else, Isreal under a negative light.

      • I'm glad that you have all the facts. I do not.

        I do not know that one of the ship had weapons. I do know that the IDF boarded the ships with weapons and can be seen using them.

        Again, its arguable who started the provocation. What is not arguable is that the IDF boarded, shoot and the people on board defended themselves.

        That's not antisemitism, I am sure that many people in Israel are outraged that their government does something like that.

        • Israelis only acted after being attacked. IT IS A BLOCKADE. They boarded because thats what you do when a blockade is penetrated. Where does it ever say that the IDF shot first? That is something that is unfortunately assumed

          • Attacked,in international waters?They boarded a ship in international waters,that is not even theirs and they were attacked,haha!!

          • Is this "Blockade" legal under international law?

        • Do you not get it?Antisemitism is when you say what the Jews and Zionists do not want you to say.It is also when you don`t do what the Zionists and the Jews do not hear or get what they want.Even saying is antisemitism.Anything you do they do not like is anti-semtism.Even saying this is anti-semitic,everything is.

        • Rarsa- Watch the videos of the IDF boarding the ship .They are attcked on the spot.Do you really think these so called peace activists would be attacking with pipes chairs poles and firebombs if the Israeli army was shooting first? They would be running and ducking for cover. What is not arguable from eveidence that I have viewed is that they soldiers were attacked before any violence .This lies squarely on the idiots on board who attacked the army thinking what? nothing would happen?

          • We may be watching the same video but coming to different conclusions. That is the problem with personal bias even when we try to be objective.

            Objectively I see the IDF boarding a ship in international waters carrying loaded weapons. The rest can be left to interpretation.

            So would you put some blame on the soldiers boarding the ship, thinking, what? nothing would happen?

            I do not know the facts so I haven't placed blame. Just saying what I see on those videos.

    • See the video I posted below, of the "totally peaceable, peacefue peace activists" savagely beating IDF guys coming down the ropes, with pipes chairs (and according to accompanying reports gunfire).

      A sixpack says you (and many others here) simply refuse to look at the video.

      • i forget who quoted this at the beginning of the comments, but, "Israel, the only country in the world not allowed to defend itself"

        • i did

  28. Shame Israel!
    Shame on you.

    • Shame on the activists who were offered help by the Israeli government to deliver their "aid" vial a land route.

    • Yes, shame on those soldiers who retaliated after they and their comrades were beaten down by the peaceniks with metal bars. For shame.

    • shame belongs with the provacures, the flotillia and the leftist idiot drones of MSM.

      bahahahahahah dumb sheeple.

  29. The only thing that succeeds in pissing me off the most is people ignoring following a belief without knowing the history of the conflict or the reasons for it. Read credible news sources, ones that portray many opinions, and then form your own.

    • this is directed towards KAyan

      • *Kaya

  30. When there is graffiti declaring death to the infidels, and non-Muslims are too scared to stand up to Muslims shouting death to non-Muslims, then yes, the country is slowly in the process of being taken over. I think it is more idiotic that you have placed a consonant after your "a" when one was not needed.

    • I bet you know nothing about Scotland. Posting fromn Israel, are you?

      • Have I been there? No. But I know several people from there. Yes you got me. That is why I have a CANADIAN flag as my profile pic. Following your logic, I must ask, are you posting from Palestine?

          • So, are you accusing me, or cautioning me?

          • Viva_Vivian… here you are calling citizen_CA a Israeli-hating… blah blah blah.

            How can you justify blockading a country for 3 years… and treating the civilians like dogs.

            Pull your damn head out of your rear already…..

            Israel deserves a glove slap.
            Mark – from Canada.

          • "How can you justify blockading a country for 3 years… and treating the civilians like dogs."

            Really Mark? A country? You've got to be kidding, right? How can you be appologetic of a brutal terrorist regime's stranglehold on a civilian population which happens to have found themselves trapped in the coastal region designated as the Gaza Strip?

          • Actually she was calling Holly that, and rightly so. As for the blockading, if the rockets and suicide bombers were not a constant threat, there probably would not be a blockade. What would you do if there was somebody shooting at your house every once in a while? I'm sure you would come up with measures to defend yourself. A blockade is better than the alternative: having an outright war with the Palestinians.

          • What would you do if someone stole your land and destroyed your home and murdered your children? Israel should stop whining about being a victim and provide compensation to the Palestinians,

          • 1. I would not start murdering innocent people.
            2. The land was not stolen, but won in a war. It happens all the time (ie. Canada, US, basically all of Europe and Russia have lands that they "stole"/won through war.
            3. The Jews lived in the region prior to the Palestinians. So technically it is their homeland.
            4. Israel has been providing aid, even though they are being bombed by the ones they are giving it to.
            5. Israel has tried on numerous occasions to come to a peace deal, but it seems like Hamas always tried/tries to disrupt it (rockets/bombings), or the Palestinians change their minds and say they want more.
            6. Maybe the Palestinians should stop whining, and accept that they lost, and that if Israel wanted to completely remove them from Palestine they could!

          • Excuse me? Jews have been systematically driven from countries all throughout Europe and the Middle East for centuries, from Portugal to Germany and the rest. They have never asked for reparations for any number of the atrocities committed on them including the mother of all genocides, the Holocaust, which is second only to the dessimation of the African diaspora during slave-trading. Speaking of the African diaspora, I don't see the black community demanding reparations or repatriation to their home lands. The only group that demands these things, whether they are Palestinian or not, are the fanatical, Jew-hating Muslims — on pain of death! If we lived next door to any number of the Nations of Islam you would not be making these dead wrong assertions. But I guess it's easier not to put yourself in the shoes of the Israelis and point the finger.

            Lastly, they stole the land, did they? That's a new one.

          • I never called CA_citizen an Israli-hating anything. He or she is one of the few objective posters commenting here. I was clearly speaking abouy Holly Slick.

            You're the one who needs to pull his head out of his rear.

            Vivian – from Canada

      • Holly, Holly, Holly, Citizen CA is right concerning the creeping Islamization thing. You, my poor stupid woman, are wrong. Please give your head a shake. I don't know about Scotland in particular but what he says is true for several of the European countries including the UK.

        • It's true for the whole world. Demography doesn't lie.

  31. Video of the peacibly peaceful "peace activitsts"…

    beating the he** out of the IDF guys with metal pipes (and throwing them overboard) as they board the ship to inspect.

    Watch it here, because there's a snowballs chance in he** of this making the mainstream footage:

    • Unreal- Video proof the "peace activists are anything but" This will never be shown to the MSM.It will get in the way of the the lies .

    • It doesn't matter if or how the peace activists defended themselves. Their vessel was attacked by armed aircraft and warships in international waters. This is called piracy and any defence against pirates is justified under international maritime law. The fact that Israel seems to consider iteself above any law tells the whole story.

      • Oh, their vessel was "attacked." Got any footage? Or is Boarding While Jewish reason enough?

    • When ANY armed vessel approaches another vessel or attempts to board in international waters and refuses to stand off when asked to is considered to be perpetrating an act of piracy under international maratime law and ANY retaliation is permitted. The religious belief of the people involved is irrelevant.

      • What international law do you gather that "fact" from? Or are you just weaving the straw man again?

  32. This loss of innocent life would not have happened if Israel had not been defending its 'counterproductive and unacceptable blockade' as UN spokesmen put it, which penalizes innocent women and children, causing immense human suffering.
    It would not have happened if Israel abided by international human rights law, which it does not.
    It would not have happened if Israel was obedient to the Law of God. Read, for example, Psalm 146, vv 5-7
    "How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God,
    Who made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them; who keeps faith forever;
    Who executes justice for the oppressed; who gives food to the hungry. The LORD sets the prisoners free."
    Israelis are fond of saying that they have the land because of the promise of God to Abraham. Anyone who reads Moses or the prophets can see that this promise is conditional on obedience to the law. It was for disobedience that Israel lost the land before. They do not appear to have changed their ways.

    • It would not have happened if the peace activists had not attacked the Isreali army as they boarded the ship.Of which they were attacked on the spot with metal pipes chairs and firebombs.I have seen the video with my own eyes.

      Not saying the army was correct to land on the ship but lets at least stop the lies that it was the army that started the violence.It was the so caalled activists

      • If you're on my property without my permission, I'm going to do what I can to get you off. They started the violence when they landed there.

        • If you attack a group of men with guns then do not be surprised when you end up dead. It's surprising to me that the so-called bloodthirtsy, murderous Israeli didn't kill the entire group that erupted in vicious violence before soldiers even alighted from their tethers. I guess the army should have just laid down, dhimmi-like, and accepted the beatings by your logic.

          If I saw my comrades and friends being viciously attacked by so-called peaceniks shouting "ALLAHUAKBAR!" I would respond with the fire of a thousand suns. The Israeli army exercised restraint in my opinion.

        • "If you're on my property without my permission, I'm going to do what I can to get you off. They started the violence when they landed there."

          Someone steps on your property without your permission and you're totally ok with trying to kill them?
          Good to know. Wouldn't help you one bit at the trial though.

          The Left really is weird. Opposition to owning guns for self-defense? Check. Perfectly ok with mobs beating the crap out of Israeli soldiers as they board a ship? Check.

          • G, on the high seas in international waters, the rules may be a bit different for defending your ship and crew against armed attackers, whether or not they are from a "legitimate" national armed force.

            Except for that part about knowingly defying a naval blockade. Darn. That sticky thing called the TRUTH that seems to get in the way of a good Israel-bashing.

            Anyone ready to call Israel some blood-thirsty evil country cannot put an additional neuron into service to comprehend that the last, the VERY LAST thing Israel wanted out of this was a single martyred casualty from within this dog-and-pony show.

          • There's also that silly little absence of an "attack" on the part of the IDF. People keep blindly repeating that there was an attack on the "aid ship" and I have neither read nor seen any video depicting this straw man argument.

            But then again the same people who eviscerate Israel also say the Gazan people are starving and hapless without international aid, a blatantly racist attempt at victimizating the Gazans if I ever saw one.

    • first of all, you cannot say that is Israel is not abiding by the rules that god set forth without realizing that in the Koran nowhere is it written that people should be bombed and blown up to get their way. nd the reason why Israel does not abide to international standards is that it cannot. People to not understand that it has to protect it's existence. No other country in the world is faced with Israel's problem, to try and be a democracy surrounded by countries intent on its destruction. Why can't israel protect itself. They are constantly having rockets fired into its territory while the UN does nothing. At some point, enough is enough and one must stand up for him/herself. Israel does not do this for fun, jews are not a hate mongering people, but they damn well have morals. No people should be belittled or massacred without reprucussion. If they were not antagonized, they would not fight. Its very plain and simple, stop launching rockets into Israeli territory and the bloackade will end. Why can't this stop? because quite a few Gazans are hell bent on destroying Israel. Why is it that instead of funding school, or instead of the government of Gaza giving money to people in Gaza not to work (for Israeli companies) instead of supporting homegrown initiatives?Stop thinking of the other side as devils, or The Satan and things can get a whole lot better.

      • So in your mind, two wrongs make a right?

        The people on the ship weren't the same as the ones launching rockets.

      • Istrael never abides by any rules and you think you should do whatever you want with impunity.Well,people are sick and tired of your whining and perpertual victimhood.When will you drag us all to next war that you can`t fight on your own,huh?

        • Israel is a rogue state that is not a member of the United Nations, continually circumvents international sanctions, has a poor human rights track record, and persistently wages ideological and real war on select groups on the basis of their warmongering, women-hating holy book.

          Oh wait, that's Palestine.

          • You failed at your sarcasm because everything you said is what Israel does.What passes for sarcasm nowadays.

          • Ask your self this,who gets kicked out more than 49 countries?Where have you seen that?Who has this ever happened to.Right now,surrounded by 23 countries,gets along with nobody and thinks everybody but themselves is the problem,if this is is not insanity,I don`t know what is.

          • You can't spell and your grammar is atrocious. Don't respond to my arguments — you aren't fit to debate them.

          • If you don`t want to me to respond get off the forum and delete your account and your posts,stop posting.Who the hell gets kicked out of 49 countries,more expulsions that you can count and still everybody but you is the problem?You don`t get along with anyone and everybody but you is the problem?Surrounded by 23 countries,can`t even make allies with ONE country and everybody but you is the problem?If you get kicked out of two restaurants,then it`s possible that the restaurants are wrong,but more times than you can count,it means YOU are the problem.

            Now comment on my grammar and spelling.How many marks did I get this time?I understand you are checking grammar and spelling,is that right?You are not insane for sure,because I would be insulting those who are.

          • That`s what I thought,is this what passes for an answer?If you get kicked out of two restaurants,mabe the restaurants erred,but more times that you can count,it means YOU are the problem.Again,why were you kicked out of 49 countries?Why can`t you even make friends with 23 countries that surround you,huh?The 49 countries were wrong?The 23 countries that surround you are wrong,everybody but you is wrong?Hahahaha.If you didn`t wnat me to respond you should stay off the comments section and delete your account, kabish?I would say you are insane,but that would be insulting those who are.

            How many marks did I get this time on my grammar test?

    • my time has come, this conversation is turning my mind to mush. They say ignorance is bliss, so in this case, most of you must be very, very content. I will leave everyone with what Chet just posted. After all, a picture (or in this case, a video) is worth a thousand words.

      • Ummm… You can't see who's hitting who here Jon. This grainy video imagery is blurred, which is why Chet has had to put big yellow circles around everything annotated with his own text. Whether those shady shapes really are anarchists beating up Israeli soldiers is debatable, it could easily be the other way round…

        But, if you think the images are accurate, then I think these brave humanitarians should have hit those dirty soldiers a tad harder with those metal rods… and then perhaps they could have inserted said rods up the Israeli soldiers' back orifices, for a bit of variety and spice and to teach their arrogant arses a lesson.

  33. Actually Anthony, people don't "prosecute" Israel "becuase a few muslims acted the victim". I think you mean they persecute them, which, incidentally, isn't true. Israel has systematically endeavoured to destroy a whole nation. The Palestinian people have been forced out of THEIR country and THEIR homeland illegally, so please go and read up on the facts before sounding out your ill-founded, misguided, meaningless point of view. (And that goes for John as well – Israel isn't a legal state, so don't expect people to see it as one).

    • my time has comeA state is "legal" ( i think you mean lgitimate) if it is accepted by the majority of the woporld at its founding and that it was. And in case you need brushing up on history, these displaced palistinians are even rejected by fellow muslims (i.e. Egypt). Before you start preaching, why don't you tell me why fellow Muslims do not allow these people into the country.

      • adj.
        Of, relating to, or concerned with law: legal papers.

        Authorized by or based on law: a legal right.

        Established by law; statutory: the legal owner.

        In conformity with or permitted by law: legal business operations.

        Recognized or enforced by law rather than by equity.

        In terms of or created by the law: a legal offense.

        This is The American Heritage Dictionaries definition of legal. In your opinion, why isn't Israel a legal state?

  34. The Israeli military approached vessels using armed aicraft and warships in international waters. This is generally called piracy. Maritime law allows vessels to defend themselves by any means when they are attacked by pirates. The Israeli military did this under a unilaterally declared embargo, which they call an international embargo. The only thing international about it is the universal condemnation by other countries and the UN. This incident will put Israel well on its way to losing the support of the USA which it needs to continue its existence. Oh I'm sure Stephen Harper will continue to support Israel, but that will only leave Canada isolated along with Israel.

    Read more:

  35. Any comments from Aurel Braun on this?

  36. The Guardian put out good articles today including a small list of people who were on the ships,… a history of mistakes made by the Israeli military… and how these actions did not help the Middle East peace process.

    Tonight's edition of The World Tonight on BBC Radio 4 had an interview with the Israel defence minister about what happened and an interview with former SAS member author Andy McNab who analyzed the attack from the footage currently available.

  37. The comments here (now some even appauding the vicious beating of soldiers) and the various condemnations from the articles,

    when juxtaposed to the actual video, show a startling truth about the world's approach to the Jewish state.

    A country that is surrounded by radical regimes and their proxies vowing to destroy it, is apparantly not "allowed" to enforce a blockade into a terrorists hotspot right on its doorstep.

    One wonders how much of a "let Israel be destroyed" mentality is at work here.

    • Exactly chet: It's "HATE THE JOOOS" non stop and I'm beyond sick of it.
      Hope the next time they blow the illegally bound for Gaza ships right out of the water.
      The condemnation will be the same, but there'll be a few less leftists scum trying to interfer where they have no business in doing so.
      Chemical warfare from the Palis is next.
      People need to wake up and see the Palis are puppets of their masters from these hate Isreal/America countries.
      Even the jerks in Greece protested AFTER they burnted to death three of their own…for what?

      • What does condemning an attack in international waters have to do with "jew hatred"? From all the posts and replies in this thread I can tell you that most refer to the IDF (Which is a military body, not a religious one) and to the Government of Israel, (which is not the same as the country of Israel).

        Many Americans are against Obama, Does that mean that they are anti-american or anti black? Some others were against Bush, do they make them anti-american or anti-christian?

        How can you equate criticizing the army/government actions with criticizing a group of people (the jewish) or a country (Israel)?

        Your post is one of the few where I've read really hateful thoughts.

  38. Big SNAFU! The case of 2 rights equal 1 wrong. Isreal has a duty to defend itself. Jewish people did not do this during WW 2 and look at what happened. The people trying to supply aid to Gaza are just in their desire to help ( even if they may have being duped by hatefull people). Did they not know there was a blockade? I doubt it. So what has been acheived? No much needed aid reached the ones who needed it and another international poke in the eye for Isreal. The well meaning representatives of the aid givers need to cut out the middle men and deal directly with the Isreali government to have them help get the aid through. It just might work and for sure no one will have to die in the process. Lord give us strength.

  39. The world and most of u people are so free to judge on a topic u probably know nothing about!
    The blockade exists not to "terrorize" the Palestinians but to protect Israel's citizens from Hamas,a terrorist group that rules Gaza. Israel utilizes the right of every country to protect its citizens. In the past when the Palestinians where allowed free passage the results have been horrendous terrorist attacks which killed Israelis. Terrorist have taken the form of men,women and children who's aim is to blow themselves up and kill as many innocent Israelis as possible.
    This is the reason every person coming into Israel from Gaza, and every ship coming to Gaza needs to be checked because, in the recent past conveys have been camouflage for weapons bearing ships.

    As for the convoy from Turkey ,its main purpose was not to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza, but was a provication to get all your attention on their side of the story. If this aid was so important to get into Gaza why didn't they accept Israel's offer to check the ships and dilvery the goods to Gaza?
    Why if the intent was peaceful, were steal rods and knives organized on the ship before Israeli soldiers even approached?
    Why did the they try to beat to death Israeli soldiers?
    Why aren't they accountable for their actions ?
    Fact is, it only happened on one ship, ask yourselves why is that?
    Anther fact, no Israeli solider opened fired until being fired upon by the so called "representatives of peace" from guns taken from the soldiers.
    Go look up some of the recent past and u will see that the truth isn't as seems.
    And just remember that 7 Israeli soldiers were wounded too, some seriously and some with gun wounds.

  40. isreal is a democratic country & should be allowed to protect its people against undemocratic terrorists which ever way it they just want to live in peace.