Israel to probe flotilla raid -

Israel to probe flotilla raid

Proposed inquiry could include Canadian observer


Israel has retained retired Brigadier General Ken Watkin, Canada’s former judge advocate general, as one of two observers for a proposed inquiry into the raid of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. The investigation is expected to be presented for approval to Israel’s cabinet on Monday and would be chaired by retired Israeli Supreme Court justice Yaakov Turkel. Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon welcomed the commission, as well as Watkin’s selection, and re-emphasized Ottawa’s support for Israel’s security concerns. “While we fully support the importance of delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza,” he said, “we also fully support Israel’s right to inspect ships to ensure military material and armaments do not reach the hands of Hamas terrorists.”

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Israel to probe flotilla raid

  1. Al-Dura; Jenin;Operation Lead Shield;Stealing humans organs;etc.,etc.,and now the Gaza Flotilla episode.
    It seems everything Israel does to defend itself requires an investigation.
    All the previous investigations of the incidences noted above, have shown conclusively that the initial reports in the mainstream media were all Arab Muslim lies.
    The entire world has seen with their own eyes, on TV and on the Internet the "greeting from the welcoming committee" which the Israeli Marine Commandos received when they boarded the ship.
    Israel, by agreeing to hold an investigation, is only adding credence to the view that they did something "criminal" by blockading Gaza to prevent more missiles and rockets to be fired on its citizens.
    By the time an investigating committee issues its report a year or so from now its findings will be moot. By then, all the Arab Muslim lies will have been repeated over and over again ad nauseam and will by then have been transformed into Gospel truth.
    Israel should tell all those who are clamoring for an investigation to go jump in the lake. Enough of this B.S. already.

  2. Dear Curioujs–Israel continues to hold investigations because the Jew and Christian hating western media continually place them in a bad light while portraying killers of 7 year old boys and beaters of child brides as the new heroes. We are simply seeing a repeat of history–people went mad during the rise of the Nazi era and, with different players it is happening again.

    • On the contrary. It's because some in the Jewish community are still so traumatized by the Nazi era that they have hysterical reactions when Israel is scrutinized in ways that are part of a normal dialogue about human rights. If you haven't seen Iran comdemned in the media for hanging homosexuals and shooting anti-government protestors in the streets, you haven't been paying attention.

  3. I'm getting tired of Islamic propaganda.