Israeli PM calls Stephen Harper to thank him for UN vote on Palestinians -

Israeli PM calls Stephen Harper to thank him for UN vote on Palestinians


OTTAWA – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has thanked Prime Minister Stephen Harper for Canada’s vote at the United Nations this week against recognizing a Palestinian state.

Harper tweeted on Saturday that he spoke to Netanyahu and that he “thanked Canada for its friendship and principled position this week at the UN.”

Andrew MacDougall, the PM’s spokesman, said in an email to The Canadian Press that Netanyahu called Harper but had no further comment.

The vote to raise the Palestinians to non-voting observer state status passed at the UN General Assembly 138-9, with 41 abstentions.

Foreign Affairs John Baird blasted the UN for what he called a “regrettable decision” to allow the vote, and told the General Assembly it would undermine attempts to reach a comprehensive, lasting and just settlement for both sides.

The next day, Baird announced that Canada was temporarily recalling senior diplomats from Israel, the West Bank and the UN missions in New York and Geneva. Canada’s $300-million in aid spending for the Palestinians is also under review.

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Israeli PM calls Stephen Harper to thank him for UN vote on Palestinians

  1. I will be proud when we receives a thank you from Olmert or Livni who desire peace and need all the support they can get, not a thank you from a lying right-wing and semi-fascist leaders.

  2. Good for Harper. I hope he decides not to recognize “the state of palestine”. The Koranimals wont be happy until they’ve murdered every christian and jew on the planet. Why we would send “aid” to those that despise us is beyond me.

    • Palestinians are Muslim, Jewish and Christian

      Yassir Arafat’s wife is Christian

      Learn something before announcing your hate, eh?

      • news flash; arafat is dead and it won’t be too long before any Jews or Christians living among barbarians will be to. you got all the pc creeds, you drank all the koolaid but that don’t make you smart.

        • News flash….you have no clue what you’re talking about, you just like to hate people.

      • Arafat was born in Cairo, perhaps you would care to explain how he became a multi-millionaire “refugee” of palestine?
        Less then two percent of Gaza is Christian or Jew. Living in a tiny enclave and subjected to brutal human rights abuses by local muslims. What a joke you are. Just a troll. Who pays you Emily? how many accounts do you have? you lying self-righteous ignoramous!

        • 5 seconds on the web, and you’d know.

          But no, you’d rather be an ignorant racist ass.

  3. Did Netanyahu also thank Harper and Baird for keeping mouths shut about his new sick and twisted plan to build 3000 new squatter houses on Palestinian land? I think the Harper government has just joined the wrong side of history for their outlandish negative reaction to “non-voting observer status”, criticizing it as “unilateral” and “unproductive” even when 139 nations voted yes, but I suppose that’s how the colonialists have treated First Nations in the Canadian Occupation as well.

  4. Perhaps off topic, but here’s a completely unrelated factoid: Adolf Hitler once thanked Benito Mussolini

  5. Canada is a bad Joke.
    England and the USA pressured the United Nations to partition Palestine several decades ago.
    And now most countries of the UN agree this was an immoral and illegal way to
    treat the ancient landowners of the Nation of Palestine.

    the UN is ever to have any justified power, it will support a case in
    the World Court for the Palestinians to sue the same UN to reclaim the
    lands they had before 1947.

    If not, then the middle east will never know peace.