Italian tourists end up in the wrong Sydney -

Italian tourists end up in the wrong Sydney

Travel agency accidentally booked a flight to Sydney, N.S.


Two Italian tourists were thrilled to be leaving Europe for the first time and heading to the land down under. But when their plane started to descend, they had a view of the Cape Breton coal mines rather than the white sails of the Opera House, reports CBC News. The couple, aged 25 and 26 thought there was a change of planes, but soon realized their travel agency had sent them to Sydney, N.S. by accident. A local hotel has put them up for free while they sort out their travel plans. This isn’t the first time a traveler has ended up in the wrong Sydney. It happened to a British couple in 2002.

CBC News

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Italian tourists end up in the wrong Sydney

  1. This is funny, I think the Government of NS should pick up the tab and show them a heck of a good time, it is a lovely province!

    • You must live in NS and collect unemployment for most of the year

      • Are you another redneck from Alberta. Hear things aren't going so well out there.

  2. I just heard of this on the site. They are more detailed in their report and do mention how wonderfully (and typically) hospitable the folks and business people of Cape Breton have been to these Italian tourists. Sounds to me that it was more a matter of their GOOD luck rather than bad luck :-)

  3. Hey, I'd take a vacation in either Sydney any day. (Never been to NS, much to my embarassment. Lived in the other Sydney once.) Kudos to the locals for making the visitors feel welcome.

  4. What does their Sydney have over our Sydney anyway? Except for all that sunshine, and those tropical beaches. Oh wait…