Italy’s resources strained under influx of North African migrants

‘This is not just an Italian problem, it’s a European problem’


Another 1,000 migrants fleeing Tunisia and Libya have landed on the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, adding to the more than 6,000 who’ve done the same since mid-February. With just 850 beds, the small island’s reception centre is dramatically under-equipped to service the migrants. Italy is seeking funding from the EU, the BBC reports, amid fears of much larger exodus from North African countries. Last week, Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus, Malta and Greece presented joint proposals to the EU, urging the body to share the burden of accepting migrants, and to set up a common EU asylum system by 2012.

BBC News

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Italy’s resources strained under influx of North African migrants

  1. Close border – simple solution. Otherwise they will all sink under waves of refugees.

  2. Agree with you. I guess this is why "LePen" is leading in French polls.

    • Perhaps you two could look at the 'border' first.

  3. As Latin is a dead language so too are the Italians. This very liberal society has a fertility rate around 1.2 per female. They're history!

    • Guess you haven't looked at Canada's fertility rate.

  4. They'd be happy to stay at home if our corporations weren't busy bribing their corrupt leaders and sucking the countries dry. You want them to stay at home? Two words: social spending.

  5. Fleeing former french colonies, that were bled dry. A french thing. Paysy back time. Look what catering to them did to eastern canada?

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