Itchy trigger finger but a stable turntable


The reason we’re not at Osheaga this weekend is simple: the Beastie Boys had to pull out because Adam Yauch was diagnosed with cancer. Jay-Z replaced the Beasties at the All Points West show on Friday, and he opened by playing No Sleep Till Brooklyn. Then he dedicated the whole set to Yauch. How awesome is that?

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Itchy trigger finger but a stable turntable

  1. I hope they caught Yauch's cancer early enough. Saw Beastie Boys at Lollapalooza/Vancouver in '94 I believe and it was awesome.

    What's gonna set you free
    Look inside and you'll see

    • Yeah the Beaties put on a great show. caught them in October 2001 at one of the two New Yorkers Against Violence concerts they organized. Notwithstanding a line-up that included N.E.R.D, Mos Def, The Roots, John Spencer Blues Explosion and an unannounced appearance by Moby, Michael Stipe and Bono who performed the Velvet Underground's "All Tomorrow's Parties" and Neil Young's "Helpless" with a detour through Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", the Beastie's still managed to legitimate their headliner status. Prob best show I have/will ever been/be at.

    • Here's the video from Yauch letting his fans know about the cancer. He says that it's treatable, so hopefully he'll be back up to speed as soon as possible.

      Thanks for the video, Andrew. Jay-Z is a class act.

  2. Andrew, if you'll allow me to post on a completely unrelated note, have you seen the latest news on killer robots?

    I know, it's Sunday, but where's Feschuk on this one? I thought he was supposed to give us a heads up on the killer robot front, much like you keep us safe from monkey uprisings. :-)

  3. Great Post, Jay-Z is the man. GOAT. He always respects the legends that came before him.

    BP3 on the way september 11…

    Once again great post Andrew, I am honestly shocked at this post from you, great stuff. Hov is a class act all the way..