ITQ Witness Watch: M(ulroney) R(ecall) Day Minus Nine (and counting)


… and still no word from the official site on whether former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney has accepted the invitation from the House Ethics committee to make a return appearance before June 12th. Of course, if the current Prime Minister finally gets around to setting up the fabled promised public inquiry, the whole issue could become moot — but unless and until he does, the clock is ticking.

In other, vaguely Mulroney-related news …

Former former prime ministerial spokesman Luc Lavoie — who famously resigned from the file last year, just as the Schreiber scandal was heating up, claiming that he just didn’t have time for his longtime client – makes a cameo appearance in today’s La Presse, and you just won’t believe the context. Hint: It has to do with ministerial temptress turned tableturner Julie Couillard, and her tour de force one-on-one exclusive last week with TVA.

UPDATE – Just before going into deadline lockup, Colleague Wells pointed out via email that this puts a whole new slant on Le Journal de Montreal’s (at the time, somewhat inexplicable) fuzzification of Mlle. Couillard’s face last week, as noted by Les Maudits. Luc Lavoie is, after all, an executive vice president at Quebecor which owns both Le Journal and TVA.


ITQ Witness Watch: M(ulroney) R(ecall) Day Minus Nine (and counting)

  1. Just a quick note to say that Quebecor does not own La Presse. La Presse is the property of Gesca (i.e. Power Corporation) and is actually being sued by TVA for defamation on this issue.

  2. Hmmm, ignore part of my previous comment (i.e. who owns La Presse)… but the newspaper is indeed being sued by TVA!

  3. Eek! Sorry, I had a bizarre brain spasm midway through typing that post, but corrected it a minute after hitting publish (alas, not soon enough, clearly). Oh, newspaper wars. How you excite us.

  4. TVA/Quebcor/Mulroney – suing – now there’s a shocker for you.

  5. Interesting how this lawsuit got started. One of La Presse’s journalist-bloggers, Patrick Lagace, made reference to another blogger’s comments that Maxime Bernier had a tendency to show off for his friends. Bernier showed them his cell phone which had Pierre Peladeau on his speed dial. Peladeau is the head of Quebecor. He called Peladeau on his cell to wish him a Happy Birthday, making sure everyone could hear.
    The story becomes very convoluted, but basically TVA is suing CyberPresse, Gesca, and also Patrick Lagace and Roger Therrien of Le Soleil, because TVA is claiming defamation – they took offence at the implication that Bernier had close ties to Quebecor, therefore Lagaces insinuation is that they used their clout to block photos and the name of Julie Couillard from being named or shown by the French press, before TVA had a chance to air their spectacular interview with Couillard on that fateful Monday evening.
    And what was Luc Lavoie, v-p of TVA doing attending that interview anyway ?
    Confused ? Read Patrick Lagace (La Presse/blogues) comments dating back to May 9th. Lagace is shrugging off this lawsuit, and he has the backing of a lot of his readers.

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