It’s 8:15 am: Do you know where your ITQ is?


Drinking a super-sized sugar-free Red Bull and preparing for another committee triple-header, of course.

For anyone interested in, oh, let’s see – Insite, ethics and/or Foreign Affairs, a quick preview of what we have in store for you here where democracy never sleeps, which is why it occasionally gets a bit cranky:

First up, the three-hour tour of the issues surrounding Insite, the Vancouver-based safe injection site, courtesy of the Health committee, which runs from 10 til 1. For more details, check the official listing. According to this frantic mass email which went out earlier this week to “safety-related groups”, this may be the last stand for Insite’s opponents, what with the British Columbia Supreme Court’s ruling that, as a health service provider, the facility cannot be locked down by federal drug laws. (Health Minister Tony Clement will be there for the last hour of the hearing, which will give him lots of time to not answer the question: Are you going to shut down Insite, or not?)

At 3:30 pm, it’s off to Ethics — more details here — and then, at 7pm, it’s off to the advance screening of Young People Fucking, after which there will be a mad dash — not to a convivial patio, sadly, but to the House of Commons, where I’ll cover the last half of tonight’s committee of the whole on Foreign Affairs, which will likely wrap up around midnight.

Doesn’t that sound fun?


It’s 8:15 am: Do you know where your ITQ is?

  1. Oh, I didn’t know we were allowed to write the title, since the Globe won’t do it. You’re going to review the movie, right?

  2. Pity those of us with exams today. Particularly those of us who stayed up to read your intelligent liveblogging. *sigh*

  3. Jess, the Globe certainly has written the title. See Gloria Galloway’s article of a couple days past about the RSVP ‘kerfuffle’.

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