It's a small world after all -

It’s a small world after all

I’d normally use the words “delicious” and “irony” to describe this, but Marty kinda ruined them for me the other day:

The lawyer Lu Chan Khuong, the associate and spouse of Marc Bellemare, will become the next president of the Quebec Bar Association May 6… It’s worth noting the president of the bar has a say when it comes to judicial nominations and that the job of president can sometimes lead to an eventual nomination to the judiciary.

Khuong was apparently the only person vying for the job.

[via La clique]


It’s a small world after all

  1. Delicious indeed. Note that the story you linked says that her dad owns a number of Asian restaurants in Quebec.

    Wow. Oh to be a fly on the wall at the first meeting between the president of Le Barreau and the provincial justice minister.

  2. Well, no one can say Quebec politic is boring.

    • Predictable, but not boring, indeed.

  3. Ridiculous or delicious ?

    How can Me Bellemare's spouse be representative of the lawyers of Quebec, when her husband is the person who knocked down the whole judicial system on the grounds of corrpution ?

    How ironic, Madam Bellemare is exactly now in the same position to be subjected to potential requests and corruption.

    It is a nice circular story.

    Laughable !

  4. Me Khuong will be president of the Quebec CIty Bar Association, the "Barreau de Quebec", a local association that coordinates actvities of local lawyers within the city and between these lawyers and the local Courts and will not be president of the "Barreau du Quebec", the equivalent of the provincial law societies. While an accomplishment in itself, she will not have the influence people attribute to her here.