It's getting hot in here -

It’s getting hot in here

Land-surface temperatures reached a record high in 2010




According to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), land temperatures around the world hit a record high in 2010 as heat waves led to droughts. Land-surface temperatures averaged 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) above the 20th-century average, the NOAA said in a report. The average land temperature from 1901 to 2000 was 47.3 degrees Fahrenheit, it shows. Ocean-surface temperatures were the third-highest ever at 0.88 degree Fahrenheit above the 1901-2000 average. These high temperatures led to droughts in Russia, China and South America, and hot weather caused thousands of deaths. “Several exceptional heat waves occurred during 2010, bringing record-high temperatures and affecting tens of millions of people,” the NOAA said. “The massive heat wave brought Russia its warmest summer (June-August) on record. At least 15,000 deaths in Russia were attributed to the heat.”


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It’s getting hot in here

  1. I wish we would have received a little of that "massive heat wave", this summer was awful and this winter hasn't been much better.

    Please oh please, let some of that lovely global warming swing on by my way.

    • It was hot where I live. I spent the summer with the a/c.

      • What about last summer?

        • My work in the Spring/summer/autumn is outside. I had a wee set back in May, but otherwise it was a great outdoor summer and as much money made as the previous year.

          • Don't know about where you live, but in Alberta we had a foot of snow on June 7, the worst birthday ever!

  2. Climate Change did for journalism what nasty priests did for religion.

    • Did you find the summer hot in Alberta Holly? How about Sept? How about this winter?

      • This autumn was amazingly mild. I was still playing soccer on grass in November. It's been a while since I've done that.
        But that isn't climate is it, it's weather.

        • Deniers have been told that repeatedly….they're just being silly.

          • so have the alarmists, which sets us about even i guess.

          • Scientists aren't alarmists…they are very conservative types.

            Don't call yourself an 'intellectual' when you haven't the wherewithal for it.

          • Hmmm… brings to mind a certain phrase involving a pot and a kettle…

          • since when did Al Gore count as a scientist? and as far as i know holly isn't a scientist either. although i am mostly a skeptic, i have great respect for scientists who can keep their heads and stay honest in this type of political climate, whatever side of the debate they may be on. however in a field that is heavily involved with politics, corruption and over exaggeration is an almost certainty, and if you think every one of these climatologists is speaking the whole truth with a heart of gold then you are living in a fantasy world.

          • Who was talking about Al Gore? Only ignorant deniosaurs think that anybody rational gets their science from him. He has been quite good at communicating what the scientists were saying, but everyone with a brain knows he is a communicator, not a scientist. And it is easy to find out what the real scientists say by going to

            You should stop making stupid comments when you do not know what you are talking about.

          • And as modern politics and and society has shown, there aren't many rational people are there? Many of Gore's claims are extremely exaggerated and have shown to be false. But let me ask you a question Holly: Were it come to pass that AGW was proven false by a well respected, well funded, honest group of scientists, do you think everyone involved would just go "phew" and take down the billboards? do you think all the celebrities and environmental activists and politicians who have made themselves big on the perceived crisis would just say " i was wrong" and just give it all up?

          • You are wrong about Gore, he made a few errors but his claims were mostly well-based on the science. Lying deniosaurs are always boring on and on about Gore, but really the science has moved on long since, and you should get over your silly obsession.

            There is a mountain of evidence that AGW is occurring, with multiple lines of evidence: surface temperatures, ocean temperatures, rising sea level affecting the coasts of places as diverse as Alexandria in Egypt and North Carolina, melting glaciers, decrease of sea ice in the Arcitc, melting land ice in the Antarctic, record warm temperatures in the Arctic as predicted.

            There are plenty of honest scientists who would be quite capable of proving AGW false if it were false, but since it is really happening, they do not waste their time on denier lies. There is no evidence showing that AGW is not happening. No peer-reviewed science. Just oil company funded lies.

            Time to face reality, rightwing dummies. Stop making fools of yourselves in front of everybody by denying the facts.

          • and i am the deniosaur. you did not even attempt to adress my main question so i will say it again. Were it come to pass that AGW was proven false by a well respected, well funded, honest group of scientists, do you think everyone involved would just go "phew" and take down the billboards? do you think all the celebrities and environmental activists and politicians who have made themselves big on the perceived crisis would just say " i was wrong" and just give it all up? i am not trying to deny the planet is warming up. anyone who would try to deny it (and many do) is an incredible idiot. i am not saying that all those who oppose AGW are entirely honest, yet the case cannot be made that everyone on the AGW side is either, especially lying politicians (and thats what he is at heart) like Al Gore. if Gore was telling the truth, he would have those great mansions of his demolished, and would live in a small eco friendly home. he also would stop making constant flights all over the world. Al Gore is a hypocrite and a liar.

        • Yes, after a really cool summer and downright cold Sept. Oh, I know we call that weather, not climate. However, called 2011, the hottest year on record…we call that climate do we? Yes, I was just wondering? It is confusing because we don't call it global warming any more, now we call it climate change right? That is how we explain that there isn't really a steady warming trend. This is also how we can explain the blizzards in Europe. This is also how we can explain why the hurricane seasons have not gotten worse as the scientist initially predicted.

          • You should stop producing such simpleminded arguments, if you want to be seen as not just another stupid lying AGW denier.

            Global warming causes the climate to change. Normal people use either or both phrases; stupid denialists pretend there is some conspiracy behing the use of one or the other.

            2010, not 2011, is called the hottest year on record by people who measure these things. Some say it ties with 2005:

            Hurricanes grow stronger when water is warmer. This may mean more hurricanes, or it might mean one very large hurricane which sucks all the energy our of an area so it takes a while for another hurrican to start.

            You are wrong to say hurricane seasons have not gotten worse. You dopn't know if they have, since you probably don't hear about the ones which stay out to sea and don't make landfall in the US, or about the typhoons in the Pacific.

      • Healthcare Insider, if you had actually gone and read my link you would have seen this:

        "…"An area over southern Alberta and Saskatchewan was the only part of Canada with close to normal temperatures this past year," it adds…"

        In fact, I was outside a lot toward the end of July and it was hot then for more than a week. But earlier during Stampede there was one extremely rainy day, and I was able to visit the Dreamhome without having to wait in line. Also during Stampede, there was a hailstorm which caused a lot of damage. As far as I recall otherwise, the summer was summerlike.

        Fall was pretty wet and prevented the farmers from completing their harvest, and the quality of the grain was lower than usual, I believe.

        This winter had a cold week in November, much like every year and some cold days since. But it has been years since the temperature dropped to -40, which I remember happening in the 1960s. And certainly there has been less snow in the winters than in the 1960s.

        • I did read the entire link Holly Stick and more than that I live in the same place you do so I know how cool our last two springs and summers have been. In fact I am an avid gardener and we were really late getting our plants in the last two years. Yes, we had one nice week in July. Not at all typical for Calgary. As for cold weather, we are experiencing a cold snap right now and while we might not be seeing as much snow as we'd like, take a drive to the north, Edmonton has been having a bumper year for the stuff this year.

          • And how is any of this relevant to the fact that global average temperatures are going up? Remember those 15,000 Russians who dies from the heat this summer? Remember the floods in Pakistan, and droughts and floods in Autralia?

          • Oh, I think we call that weather…..anyway…Holly Stick, Iam in no way a climate change denier, I just enjoy prodding you into displaying your lack for tolerance for any opinion that might deviate from your own.

          • In other words, you have nothing to say that is worth reading.

          • holly he is right. your intolerance for any slight deviation from the media's opinion or you own is laughably religious in it's nature. shutting your mind of too all other ideas and opinions is not very scientific in nature.

  3. It's gonna start cooling any day now. Yep, global cooling. Here it comes.

    Here boy, come on now. I said come here, you little b*st*rd!!

    OK, maybe it is warming but it's natural. Sunspots I think….or aliens maybe.

    In any case, god will save us.

  4. Isn't an average a combination of higher and lower numbers? So any number higher is above average so to speak. Also noting that an average has to have higher values than itself. 12+9+ 11+ 7=39 39/4=9.75 . All values above 9.75 would be above average.
    I'm not saying it isn't true or it isn't a bad thing BUT it's a very poorly phrased argument that only reinforces preconceived notions.

  5. The sky is falling, the sky is falling!! Gosh, where's Dion's dog Kyoto ? he'll save us… Kyoto… kyoto? Quick, someone give Al Gore a nobel prize for narration! Quick! When will people start listening to the media and raise taxes already, thats the only way to control the weather! Kyoto… kyoto? where are you boy? Save us kyoto! LOL!

    • Jason's got your number.

  6. Maybe you folks should pay attention to the BBC and their latest discovery. The same "scientists" who claim the world is getting hotter claimed Britain was unseasonably warm too.

    Don't tell that to the folks who spent so many days shovelling out of the worst winter seen in the UK in decades.

    By the way, the claim that Britain was much warmer than usual has already been de-bunked. In fact, these "scientists" (with the aid of Government beaurocrats" concoted the who thing. It wasn't true.

    Head over to climate audit, or wattsupwith that for the full scoop.

    PS……For holly and emily: Big ball of burning hydrogen in the sky.


    • "…Certainly, some self-proclaimed climate change sceptics have tried to give the impression that the weather in the UK, which covers less than 0.05% of the Earth's surface, provides an indicator of global climate…"

      The difference between weather and climate: learn it, if you are capable of learning.

      • What they consider really cold in Britain are temperatures like -18C. Today it's -22C in Calgary at noon.

        Wussy deniers don't know what real cold is like.

  7. And this continues….

    It's called climate change people, and it's caused by global warming. The fact that all these extreme weather events are taking place more and more often only proves the theory.

    • Yep, we know.

  8. Bull S##T!

  9. The Deniers Have Won.
    Now we charge the news editors with treason for leading us to a Bush-like false war against a false enemy of climate change.
    Climate Change did to journalism and science what abusive priests did to religion.
    Drop the CO2 and restart environmentalism anew with courage, instead of fear.

    • Was that meant to be coherent? Because it wasn't…

      • i agree that didn't make much sense

  10. All: loved your posts.

      • What should be noted, saying 2010 was the hottest year on record, would be better served saying it was the least cold. Most of the "record" arctic temps, and east of Ontario, occurred between October and April, and although up to 4 degrees above average were still well well well below zero.

        The DMI graph above explains it pretty well for the arctic situation, in fact most of the period where temperatures typically are above zero temps were well below average.

      • What should be noted, saying 2010 was the hottest year on record, would be better served saying it was the least cold. Most of the "record" arctic temps, and east of Ontario, occurred between October and April, and although up to 4 degrees above average were still well well well below zero.

        Note the dmi Arctic info on the graph, most of the positive trend occurred between October and April, while the period actually expected to be above zero is well below normal.

        • I think that might be because of the loss of Arctic sea ice, so the air above the ocean and above the thin new ice does not get as cold in winter as it would over thicker ice. So the winter is warmer or less cold in the Arctic than it used to be.

          For the deniers, yes the scientists have been predicting this polar amplification, that the air over the Arctic would warm up at a faster rate than closer to the equator, and the scientists' predictions have proved to be correct.

          • Or it simply could have been El Nino.

  11. If we're gonna waste billions of dollars on saving the planet we should at least spend the money on an actual threat – like watching for asteroids, there's no need to make up stuff like this global warming BS.