It’s Over


John Edwards’ endorsement of Obama is enough to add the momentum needed for the Illinois senator to close the deal . Many will ascribe motives and ambitions to Edwards, but his move reinforces Obama’s credibility with working class voters, a much needed constituency. While Mrs. Clinton should decide on her own the moment  of withdrawal, this reduces to a large extent her claims of electability.

Clinton’s case in recent days implies that Obama cannot win the general election. But a close look at his coalition makes him a stronger candidate because he can go beyond the Democratic base in order to win in November. Adding Edwards only makes him more appealing. The time is coming for Democrats to unite against a challenger such as John McCain, who is by far the most attractive Republican to independent voters.


It’s Over

  1. John Edwards’ endorsement of Barack Obama last night has certainly revived speculation about a possible Obama/Edwards ticket. I find the possibility intriguing.

    But I do wonder…

    Could Edwards help Obama win over the “working class” votes he supposedly can’t gain on his own? Can an Obama/Edwards ticket unite the Democratic party? Does Edwards carry too much baggage from loosing the 2004 election as John Kerry’s running mate to give it another go ’round?

  2. Why should Edwards endorsement mean anything? No one voted for him. Hillary is still in the race and he is long gone because she is favored ovr him, so obviously what he says matters not.
    Hillary will be the nominee and the first woman president.
    If Obama is the nominee, which is highly doubtful, seeing Hillary winning big in swing states, and she will win Latino Puerto Rico, will guarantee a loss for the democratic party in November. Many are saying they will crossover to vote for MCcain or not vote at all.
    I think God wants Hillary in there.

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