It’s spreading


Justin Trudeau’s fondness for mixing French and English in a single sentence is evidently contagious—like, Ebola contagious. From a La Presse story about protesters showing up at the launch of the handsome young devil’s electoral program:

«Ces gens-là nous font une très bonne publicité, a dit Dominic Talarico, un sympathisant de Justin Trudeau. On est dans un pays démocratique, and that’s beautiful.»

Aside from emphasizing the threat young Trudeau poses to language teachers everywhere, the article also begs at least two questions:

(1) The Jeunes Patriotes have members?

(2) Justin Trudeau has a program?


It’s spreading

  1. Another question: Are they so dense as to protest against the one guy who, best case scenario for them, would become Prime Minister?

  2. India seems to have survived relatively well despite the mixing of languages in single sentences. I’m not too worried.

  3. C’est encore very beau to voir young gens with le drapeau of Hungary. Vive the internationalism!

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