It’s the multiculturalism, stupid -

It’s the multiculturalism, stupid

Mosaic, not money, makes Canada tops for foreign workers


Canada scored the top ranking in the HSBC Bank’s second survey of expatriate workers as the best place to land a job and make a life for those seeking employment abroad. Australia also ranked high, but Britain was considered a tough place to fit in. And money isn’t the big factor in expat happiness. “What is clear,” said an HSBC spokeswoman, “is that the locations where salaries may not be as high, such as Canada and Australia, are where expats are really enjoying not only an increased quality of life but are also finding it easy to fit in to their new communities.”


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It’s the multiculturalism, stupid

  1. It's also the multiculturalism that drives Canadian-born youth to participate in the conflicts of their parents countries. Ever head of the Toronto 18 (or whatever it is now)? Multicult's twin, mass immigration gives radical organizations more potential recruits every year so we can have more and more violence.

    This is what mass immigration leads to. Stop giving the supporters of mass immigration the benefit of the doubt and agreeing to see them as high-minded kind-hearted people. They are not.

    They are willfully ignorant, insanely irresponsible people who want to condemn our children and grandchildren to a life of violence, terror, poverty and all the other hallmarks of 3rd world life, not to mention Shariah law. This who would do this to our future generations are criminals and nothing more.

    • That sounds a lot like what they said about my Eastern European grandparents. La plus que ça change . . .

  2. i don't get it, here in Vancouver it as multicultural as you can imagine ..meanwhile when i visit some small Ontario towns that are all white it is there where some of them are racist ..they don't even have minorities and they can be racist …sometimes i even hear French and Catholics saying racist stuff yet they are minorities themselves …..come on people, get a life….the more diverse the population the greater it is …and when i say racist i mean some people, not all, and not the majority of course

  3. Most of these comments have their valid points. However we must remember one important issue: We have as a country embraced immigration to supplement the failure of multi-generation Candians to pro-create. In the Toronto region I have heard that there are entire communities that are near or at the ability of the cultures that inhabit them to never learn english or step outside their community–they are self-sustaining enclaves that have no need to assimilate to what we call Canadian culture.

    So some immigration is good but too much leaves you open to a critical mass of 1st/2nd gen Canadians who have decidedly little loyalty to our country and therefore withdraw or use democracy to "reformat" Canada into their version….Sharia law has been broached already.

  4. i have never had any problem with immigrants and i am in a city where some areas are more than 25% ..ironically if a quebecer who didn't speak english visited out west they would be on par with immigrants who don't speak english,,,

  5. some of the jobs are beneath the false pride of the seventh generation citizens whose forefathers and mothers were paved the way for others on this continent…we owe so much to other people barring identifying them on a racial basis!

  6. Obviously it isn't the multiculturalism, since Australia also ranked high. You don't hear them speak of multiculturalism in the gushing tones that Canadians do, that's for sure.

  7. Not stupid but overly done. Canada been letting in too many people from Asia . Let more people in from Canada's motherland England now. Plus Canada should keep it's heritage and culture too such as Christmas!.

  8. As for Vancouver, it's way over loaded with Asians-many fine Asian people but Vancouver culture is changing too much into Asian cultuer. Christmas, was strongly Canadian form Canada's start as with in Vancouver too-it's not offendsive to say and celebrate Christmas.Vancouver should as with Canada keep it's good traditions too not have people from other country's stoping good Vancouver and Canadian traditions such as Christmas.

  9. A little investigation might expose those that are high on "temporary work" in Canada as "unskilled" economic migrants jumping the que of rhe 600,000 "skilled" immigrants who meet Canada's point system to be selected for permanent residency.
    Legislative changes to the Immigration Act allows unskilled foreign workers such as nannies and visa students to apply from "within" Canada for permanent residency after two years in the country.
    Most other countries require temporary workers to leave the country at the end of their contracts.
    Immigration to Canada is as "multiscammed" as it is multicultural!

  10. Multiculturalism is socialist pablum, promoted by people who can't stand the thought that freedom of the individual is the cornerstone of Canada's success. They want a government directed society where the cultural group you belong to (ie "tribe") determines your rights, your government benefits and who speaks for you. That is multiculturalism.
    All our political parties find it easier to get the "community leaders" to deliver votes and in return send government money their way to "help" them promote their "culture".

  11. Hey Larry,
    a) With regards to your fear that Asian immigrants are "stoping [sic] good Vancouver and Canadian traditions such as Christmas": Many of the Chinese immigrants (who form such a large part of Vancouver's population) are in fact Christian. Even the suburbs north of Toronto are dotted with mega-churches catering to middle/upper-middle-class Chinese folks.
    I'm not saying that this is good or bad; it's just that more immigrants are on the frontlines of "keep Christ in Christmas" campaigns than you realize.

    b) I've never in my life heard a non-Christian immigrant complain about people celebrating Christmas. Everyone at my very diverse schools wished everyone else a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" without much thought. I might not wish a Jewish friend "Merry Christmas," but I've heard Jews, Muslims and Hindus say it happily to others.
    Christmas censorship was almost certainly initiated by well-meaning, white, upper-middle-class bureaucrats.