It's your business -

It’s your business


Hey, have you picked up the new copy of Canadian Business? No? How come?

I know what you’re thinking: “Who wants to read about Canadian business?”And maybe you don’t. But do you like soccer? Then I’ll bet you’d like to read Declan Hill, author of The Fix, write about why many soccer players find the match-fixers more trustworthy than their own football associations.

Are you a hipster? Then surely you are interested in reading Joe Costaldo’s piece about Dov Charney’s last stand at the helm of American Apparel.

Do you like video games? Then all you fanboys and fangirls are going to want to read Jordan Timm’s profile of Jade Raymond, the brains behind Assassin’s Creed who is heading up Ubisoft’s new studio in Toronto.

The magazine has tons more fun stuff, from monkey status-seeking to an interview with Cito Gaston to an obituary for the Ford Mercury. All of this, before you sit down to read Stephen Gordon on income inequality, and James Cowen’s cover story about how Facebook could be the Biggest. Thing. Ever.

Sports! Cars! Fashion! Games! Internet! Monkeys! You may not give a hoot about Canadian business. But I guarantee you’re going to like a lot of what’s in the new Canadian Business.

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It’s your business

  1. A rogers publication, I assume?

    • An Andrew Potter edited publication, no less. So really, the breathless gushing here seems to lack something in.. shall we say.. authenticity?

      Now all we need is a red light and perhaps some stilettos to complete the transformation.

  2. I would certainly agree that Stephen Gordon is worthwhile… but he does give it away for free.

  3. And so the barrier between spam and content is broken forever….who needs pop ups? Oh yeah, you've all won 1.5 million pounds sterling, by the way. I just need help getting it out of Nigeria; direct inquiries to this comments section.

  4. I'm glad you posted this, because I've been wanting a venue to tell you how very much improved the daily email headlines have become. So much so, in fact, that I've taken to actually reading an article or two!

  5. I didn't realize Maclean's blog postings could now be frothy advertisements…

  6. ooohhh… I always enjoy stories about Dov Charney. They are always so bizarre.

  7. It's funny, as i read that post as sarcastic, forgetting that he was involved with Canadian Business. That post was not Potter at all. Not saying he cannot be enthusiastic but…..

  8. Shouldn't there be a statement of full disclosure here?

  9. You people are kidding, right? If you think that the Maclean's website is not part of an overall strategy to have more customers for Rogers products, well, y'all need to think more.

    They have every right to advertise on their own space. What's next? I know: indignation over a blog posting that says "this important article is on newsstands now if you want to read it right away, instead of waiting for the free version on the web." Spare me.

    • Sure they have a right to advertise in their blog postings. But media consumers also have a right to make fun of them for doing so in such a fake-P.R. way.

      • I believe the term is "inauthentic"

  10. My biggest question: Is Canadian Business's content available online? Or do I have to actually pick up a copy?

    Judging by the lack of links, it seems not.