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Ivory tower newsflash!

More women than men earned doctorates in U.S. for the first time last year


More women than men earned doctoral degrees in the U.S. for the first time last year, a fact being greeted as the culmination of decades of change in women’s status in academe. Though women have held a nearly three-to-two majority over men in undergraduate and graduate education, doctoral study retained an enduring male majority—until now. But, as the Washington Post points out, women have yet to conquer every corridor of the ivory tower. Men still hold the majority of faculty and administration positions and women earn less than men at every level of academic rank, even though starting salaries for newly minted faculty members are nearly equal.

Washington Post

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Ivory tower newsflash!

  1. Unsurprising. Years of tailoring the education system to suit girls and drug boys with Ritalin has resulted in greater female success.
    The whole point of the education system needs to be re-evaluated, thousands of people graduate with degrees and debt that aren't useful to them or the society around them.
    Complete privatization of colleges and universities along with charter schools for kids up to grade 12 should be implemented immediately, education costs could be cut in half and the resulting savings would improve everyone's standard of living.

    • Ahhh whining is sad. Try some other excuse.

      • ???

    • hahahaha i agree with emily

  2. In my opinion most of these new Phd's will just be expensive wall paper and the women will still marry men
    with grade 12 who build roads (& earn more)……go figure.

    • But the men are mostly unemployed….due to lack of an education…so that isn't likely. LOL

  3. Good for the ladies! I'm more sanguine about the utility of their doctorates in the work place. And we ought not forget that there is value in education that goes beyond careers.

    Fellas. Shape up.