Jack Layton discharged from hospital

NDP leader released after successful hip surgery


NDP Leader Jack Layton has been discharged from the hospital, five days after he went in for surgery to mend a hip fracture. “Following his surgery, he has been up and walking and making great progress in his rehabilitation,” Mount Sinai hospital said in a release. There have been suggestions Layton’s health woes, which include cancer treatments, could hurt his party’s chances if a snap election were called after the federal budget due March 22. But the NDP camp is confident that won’t be the case. “There’s no doubt Mr. Layton and the party will be ready if there’s a spring election,” says Karl Belanger, a spokesman for Layton.

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Jack Layton discharged from hospital

  1. Oh my! This is so, exciting! Really? He is up and walking. WOW. The World was waiting to hear about Jack, whatca callem. He better start taking antibiotics to get rid of that spreading fungus.

  2. He’s a nice,charismatic,likable,trustworthy person who is in the wrong Political Party. If he was a real Conservative, he’d go to the head of the line,quickly.Change Party’s Jack and get your career into high gear.

    • Not to dump on poor Jack or anything, but it's typically unwise to put the words "charismatic" and "trustworthy" in the same sentence.

  3. He's a two faced showboat, as was displayed many times but one sticks in mind was the ludicrous bragging about his 100 dollar solar panel, saving the environment! Next he will be coming up with the fool idea to use food as alcohol to ruin gasoline, all paid extra for by THE TAXPAYER. Billions now being made now by the oil companies and their bought government friends, on this present scam.

  4. Watch your knees around Tim Powers and Brian Lilley, Jack. I fear they're going to pull a Tonya Harding on you and frame Mulcair.


    The opportunist Short guy! Reminds one of Jack or a liberal. Man this guy LOVES the media, and the feeling, he has power. The United States is feeding him for some reason. Maybe a switch from french speaking Harper. At least Sarkozy always speaks English in America.

  6. Jack had to get back because Mulcair has his own knife out to do a little more surgery on Jack should he stay away more than a week,It is so obvious that this guy is trying to usurp Jack and put himself in as leader. I cannot believe the gutless western NDPs where the party started.Move East because your seats in the west will soon dissipate.

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