Jack Layton knows the purr points



NDP leader Jack Layton and his MP wife Olivia Chow adopted a black cat named George, who was previously owned by Chow’s former aide Nathan Rotman. Rotman was allergic to felines and finally had to give up the cat after consuming many antihistamines and still coming to work stuffed up.



They even have the book Know Your Cat’s Purr Points.


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Jack Layton knows the purr points

  1. The “bait ” is orange. Theories and interpretations , please.

    • The more I look at that picture featuring Jack, Olivia, & cat, the more enormous the cat looks. Trick of perspective, or absolutely huge cat?

      • I agree, that cat looks HUGE. Could it just be because he’s spread out?

  2. I don’t care much for the NDP, but that cat is adorable. They get my vote. (Note: I am joking. I love the NDP irrespective of the adorable cat.)

  3. Much like Jack’s brand is more valuable than the party’s, will we soon* see George appearing on lawn signs along with Jack, and the NDP logo even smaller in the corner?

    * hopefully not very soon – it’s cold out.

  4. C’mon – good old Jack doesn’t like to be left out – Harper and Iggy have cats.

    Geez, aren’t black cats bad luck if they walk in front of you?