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Jack Layton suffering from prostate cancer

Toronto MP says cancer is “treatable” and he plans to stay on as NDP leader


NDP leader Jack Layton announced in Toronto on Friday that he is currently undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. In a brief statement to reporters, Layton said the cancer is treatable and that “everything is on track and I feel good.” Layton doesn’t plan to step down as party leader or as the MP for the Toronto-Danforth riding where he made the announcement, though he conceded his health issues will force him to scale back his political activities. According to a party spokesperson, the cancer was first diagnosed last December and Layton will be treated in Toronto.

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Jack Layton suffering from prostate cancer

  1. Get well soon, Layton.

  2. Look forward to seeing you back in action soon, Mr. Layton.

  3. Please get Well soon, Jack.I'm glad to hear you are treating it now. Eat a healthy organic diet. No cheese,NO sweets, less meat,lots of filtered water, lots of fruit and organic veggies. (Monsanto/GMO= VERY BAD .ps. we need legislation/ protection A.S.A.P.)

  4. Please Get Well Soon Jack, eat well and take a little time off.

  5. Ya know, if anyone has the tenacity to fight this thing, I think it's Jack Layton.

  6. Jack,
    Take some time, look after yourself, you have good people watching your back. I am not NDP, but I admire your involvement , your convictions and your guts. This country needs people like you.
    Get well.

  7. best wishes Jack, I hear there are some great treatments available, alas, you'll need to to travel to the U S to access them

  8. i too am no fan of the ndp, but if you think cancer can stop him, you don't know jack ..he is a good man in that he sticks with what he believes in

    • i am not ndp either,met him once in B.C. and came across as a ''scrappy'' kind of guy..so Mr. Layton apply your Scrappiness,to this temporary set back,do what the Drs. say,, and get back and give em hell!!!

  9. Wishing you a speedy recovery. You are a remarkable man.

  10. He's fit.He will be just fine, and I wish him well, and I cant pass by without saying, its good he will be treated in Canada. Says a lot for the man, and many men that might follow him-with this horrible disease

  11. I hope he gets well, but why is this headline news? He is an older man that is getting a cancer very common to older men and from which he will probably die of old age before he dies of cancer. He is not a hero, he is not suffering.

    The only thing I can be really glad is that he doesn't seem to feel the need to head the US or a private clinic for treatment.

    • Just in case you were not aware he is the Leader of the NDP,and being in the headlines is part of the package! as far as being a hero?? he is to a his supporters!! (i am not an ndp supporter.) Not suffering?? Come on, Show some compassion , Just being diagnosed with Cancer causes a person a tremendous amount of Suffering (my father-in law has had his prostate removed 3 months ago.) not only does it affect the patient but people close to him suffer as well, especially the Wife. I am sure that Mr. Layton and his Family are really touched by your kind words and show of compassion,, I`m sure you have made your "family'' proud!!! Get well and Gods speed Mr. Layton……

  12. I'll take more then cancer to slow down a NDP Member, get well so Jack.

  13. Yes, cancer of any kind can/does kill. However, as a prostate cancer survivor (12 years post op) the odds are definitely in his favour. It's clear however, that Jack is attempting to elicit sympathy for his political goals, or he would have kept this issue to himself. In spite of his politics, I wish him well!

  14. Sorry Stan, but you are so wrong by suggesting he keeps this to himself. We need to get this decease more out in the open. (like breast cancer). All men over 40 need the PSA test, once a year. I have a feeling that Jack might have skipped this or he might not be in this situation now. I just went through open surgery two weeks ago, still have the catheter in and I'm hurting big time.

    • Agree. as i said in my above comment my dad inlaw had his prostate removed 3 months ago, he had only 2 prostate exams done in his whole life.The Drs. maintain that if he would have had regular PSA tests,the total removal could have possibly been avoided.,,I have been getting mine done for 5 years now (wifes orders) I wish you a speedy recovery JB71..p.s my Dad inlaw is motoring around now as if he has never seen surgery (he`s 68 yrs old and a wimp when it comes to pain lol) Gods Speed!!

  15. Best wishes for a full recovery. Politics can wait, your family needs you. Take time off and take care of yourself.