Jack Layton tribute in Toronto

The square in front of Toronto’s city hall was packed for Dear Jack, a tribute to the late NDP leader


The square in front of Toronto’s city hall was packed for Dear Jack, a tribute to mark the one-year anniversary of NDP leader Jack Layton’s death. [gallery2 columns=”4″ exclude=”285628″]


Jack Layton tribute in Toronto

  1. Enough already.
    $200,000 salaries combined and living in subsidised public accommodation???
    Imagine if that was a Conservative MP?
    Mulcair and Ritalin Martin would be screaming blue murder.
    But its NDP so hypocrisy is acceptable!!!

    • Yawn. Layton and Chow were also the subject of some dispute when a June 14, 1990, Toronto Star article by Tom Kerr accused them of unfairly living in a housing cooperative subsidized by the federal government, despite their high income.[35]
      Layton and Chow had both lived in the Hazelburn co-op since 1985, and
      lived together in an $800 per month three-bedroom apartment after their
      marriage in 1988. By 1990, their combined annual income was $120,000,
      and in March of that year they began voluntarily paying an additional
      $325 per month to offset their share of the co-op’s Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
      subsidy, the only members of the co-op to do so. In response to the
      article, the co-op’s board argued that having mixed-income tenants was
      crucial to the success of co-ops, and that the laws deliberately set
      aside apartments for those willing to pay market rates, such as Layton
      and Chow.[36]
      During the late 1980s and early 1990s they maintained approximately 30%
      of their units as low income units and provided the rest at what they
      considered market rent. In June 1990, the city’s solicitor cleared the
      couple of any wrong-doing,[37] and later that month, Layton and Chow left the co-op and bought a house in Toronto’s Chinatown together with Chow’s mother, a move they said had been planned for some time.[38] Former Toronto mayor John Sewell later wrote in NOW that rival Toronto city councillor Tom Jakobek had given the story to Tom Kerr.[39]

  2. Please,Please,Please,Please, this is beyond the pale. Is the media in this country so damn hard up for news or do some of you really believe this guy is a Canadian folk hero. I have decided to give up on this complete over the top left leaning media.

  3. Year Zero comes to an end for the Canadian MSM

  4. I imagine Pravda (CBC) had the day off…………

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