Jaffer associate sought $100 million of federal funds

More trouble for Canada’s fallen political stars


Things just got messier in the inquiry into the conduct of former cabinet minister Helena Guergis and her husband, former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer. New evidence shows Jaffer’s business partner sought $100-million in federal financing from a Conservative MP. At the same time, Guergis was promoting that same company to a fellow politician in her riding, who happens to be her cousin. (The project did not receive federal funding.) On Wednesday, Jaffer denied trying to meet with government officials about his company’s business plans. But one such business plan, which was submitted to Conservative MP Brian Jean’s office, has a note attached to it that was written by a receptionist: “From Rahim.”

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Jaffer associate sought $100 million of federal funds

  1. More than likely he is lying: lying about his access to government, his drinking and use of cocaine. His lies merit no comment, but the fact that he promotes his own failures does.

  2. Okay, let me understand. He touts his access to the Great Insiders on Parliament Hill yet it really appears that he was never able to close a deal. I would have thought that even the most inept former MP would have access to deals that the sweaty masses only dream about. It would appear that his reputation on the Hill as a party animal preceded him when it came to whether or not his former comrades took his business recommendations seriously, thus resulting in no closed deals.

    Perhaps Rahim is a legend only in his own mind. And maybe that's his greatest fault.


  3. Why is there an unauthorized Government of Canada logo on the website for Wright Tech Systems Inc.? –http://www.wrighttech.ca/

    Is anyone investigating why a company with no agreement with our government is using an copyrighted image like this on their public website? Is it there to create a (false) impression of a legal association? Or an agreement?

    Please! Someone at MACLEANS investigate this!

    Thank you.

  4. It's cute that Canadians think our politicians aren't involved in the same kind of backroom shenanigans that their US equivalents are famous for. The fact is we are hearing about one generally unsuccessful group which didn't have as much clout as they thought they did. The real danger is all the quiet successful deals that are happening without any fanfare.

  5. another gross mishandling of public purse, sleazy shady characters mixed with lies, sex and illegal white powder and indeed a southpaw blow to an already weak contender party…demoralizing the minority gov't!!

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