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Jaffer-Gillani relationship exposed

Documents contradict former MP’s claims that he did not seek government money


Newly released documents show Rahim Jaffer and his business partners had been looking for government money for a “green” project, despite the former MP’s assertions during Parliamentary testimony. The documents also add further evidence that the business dealings between Jaffer and Nazim Gillani were far more extensive than Jaffer implied when he told MPs the two had no “synergy.” The documents came from the office of a Commons committee that has been investigating whether Jaffer attempted to use his contacts in the Harper government to get money for large-scale environmental projects. Jaffer, who is not a registered lobbyist, has denied wrongdoing and said he did not lobby his former colleagues, but instead that he was seeking information as director of his alternative energy technologies consulting firm, Green Power Generation Corp.

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Jaffer-Gillani relationship exposed

  1. Does that mean he lied to 22 Minutes? If so the than should be a punishable offence right there.

  2. He is now in the same league as lying brian, they train them well in parliament school. :-(

  3. I don't think she is unaware of it all, she knows some of this, otherwise, what kind of a marriage she has? She is with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, she is in a no-win situation, perhaps now, she can get why she should not be in public service.

  4. Everyone feels for Helena as she has a big decision to makei and that is to choose the day that she tells that NFG Jaffer to hit the road. Her family will help her in raising the child and will help explain that his/her father was no good.