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Jaffer’s friends in low places

Boozy dinner with dodgy business associates preceded the former MP’s arrest


In a lengthy investigative piece, the Toronto Star sheds light on the murky events that led to Rahim Jaffer’s arrest for speeding, drunk driving and cocaine possession in Caledon last September. The evening reportedly began at a downtown Toronto steakhouse, where Jaffer was dining with Nazim Gillani, as well as some business associates, and “three busty hookers.” Gillani, an allegedly dodgy businessman with a penchant for strip clubs, is the CEO of International Strategic Investments, which boasts of its ability to secure government grants for companies among other services. The morning after the dinner, Gillani bragged of having done just that in an email to his fellow diners: “Mr. Jaffer has opened up the Prime Minister’s office to us,” he wrote, seemingly unaware Jaffer hadn’t emerged from a police holding cell until 6 that morning. Jaffer had himself told those in attendance he “can get [government money], no problem” and that he has “access to a green fund.” Since then, Gillani and some of his business associates have been charged with fraud in connection with the transfer of $1.5 million from the Rona retail chain to a dummy account in Hong Kong. Those close to Gillani have speculated that Jaffer’s unusually good deal on the drug and drunk driving charges that followed the boozy dinner (they were dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to a charge of careless driving) involved Jaffer agreeing to testify against Gillani.

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Jaffer’s friends in low places

  1. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Conservative Party's relentless quest for transparency and accountability will get to the bottom of all this.

    • So you think that the Tories need to get something off their chests?

  2. Legitimate business meetings usually don't include "busty hookers"… at least not in this country.

    • But they sure work great for getting compromising photos of business associates you plan to screw over.

    • That would really depend on the type of business.

      • mmmm… busty…

      • Indeed. If they were planning to invest in a strip club, I could see how busty hookers would come in handy.

        • It's called consulting with the key stakeholders. Makes good, strategic business sense. Not usually done when everyone is getting drunk but what's a few drinks, and a few more after that?

          • Heh… very apropos.

        • Apparently, some of the patrons in the restaurant were extremely displeased by the prospect of having their dinners in the midst of seedy, low-lifes who make their livings committing the most immoral of acts. Fortunately, Jaffer was able to prove to them that he is a former MP.

    • True, but they'd be a hell of a lot more interesting if they did.

    • That's not true. You just need to make sure the whores come out after business is discussed, and not prior. Please refer to the KITH link I provided! ;)

  3. A crooked MP? Unheard of!
    It's people like this that give the hard working MPs a bad name.

    • No, no, to clarify – Helena Guergis is the MP, whose antics have given her a bad name; her husband is the crooked MP-ex-possibly, whose antics have given ex-MPs and MPs a bad name – got it?

  4. That business card has expired.

  5. Isn't influence peddling an indictable offence?

    • only if you are a conservative.

      • only if you actually have any influence…

          • I guess it all depends on who's telling the truth, and that would be a toss-up.

          • The guy is such a looser and a big mouth!

  6. he isn't getting laid tonight, i guarantee

  7. there's one thing i've learned in life that is a certainty – hookers like cocaine.

  8. probably thought he could make new contacts for his dodgy business friend. the RCMP may want to take a look at jaffer and his loons' finances. seems to me they have alot of money to throw around on fancy dinners, booze, cocaine, houses and the like. why are my tax dollars supporting these criminals???? what a disgrace.

  9. why won't you post my comment. I adhered to your rules. No profanity, no discrimination, no racist remarks.
    only something negative was said with regards to jaffer/drugs/impaired driving/finances.
    why? let me know,

  10. great, i vote conservative, and can't make any negative comments about conservative MP's

  11. KMA macleans administrator

  12. consider me un-subscribed next renewal time

  13. Jaffer and Helena really is a good couple , it's amazing.

    • A good couple of losers, I agree!

  14. Wow, I'm sure Harper would like to go Tony Soprano on the both of them for disrespecting da "Bing".

  15. Yes. Yes! YES!!!!

  16. I still fail to see how if I SAY I have influence with the government, and the guy I say that to happens to be (allegedly) dodgy, that somehow reflects badly on the government or is proof that the government has done something wrong.

    Could someone here please explain this to me?

    • They can't, just want to blame the government again for something, and try to hold Harper responsible for it.

  17. Call me a cynic, Orson, but given that his wife is a member of the nation's Cabinet, it at least begs the question of whether they argue about his level of influence over dinner.

    • Did the government award Mr. Gillani or his company a contract or confer any benefit on them?

      • Like I said. It begs the question.

        Time for the government to turn up unredacted copies of all written communications, memos, letters, e-mails, text messages, records of meetings, minutes or other documents relating to contact between any "public office holder" and one Jaffer, Rahim, after the fall of 2008. Turn those documents over to the lobbyist registrar to see if he's in violation. Then we can say it's no big deal, and not before.

        That's what "further investigation" is for, no?

        • Great. Fill your pants.

          • *My* pants don't seem to be the problem here.

          • It doesn't at all, the guy ( Rahim) wanted to act like a big shot, I' ve seen that a 100 times in my business (PR) and he can kiss any hope to go back to politics goodbye this time for sure, he was so unprofessional and don't get me started about the wife but I have a feeling she was in the dark "somewhat" too.

          • Yeah, there aren't many wives who would be happy to hear their husband spent the evening in the presence of hugely implanted call girls.

            I think his chances at politics were done anyway; harper refused to sign his nomination papers for the Edmonton riding.

  18. BTW, kudos to the headline-writer for the sly Garth Brooks reference . . .

  19. Those close to Gillani have speculated …..LOL,
    and the bar tender said the janitor over heard the nightwatchman say….

    ps. Jaffer never ever had any influence, except in his own mind.
    If he had , he wouldn't have lost his seat in ….Alberta

    • So true!

    • I guess that's why he was named Caucus Chair. That's usually is a sign that you have no influence.

  20. I commented a month and a half ago that the next time we read about either Rahim or Helena in Macleans, it would be regarding their divorce proceedings. Apparently, yet again, I must apologize. It would appear that Canadians just can't get enough of the imploding lifestyle of this two former "up and comers". Perhaps we're all just a little jealous about all the attention they're getting? Or not.

    • Oh, it is coming, and will be messy.