Jamaica’s first female prime minister leads landslide victory

Opposition is victorious in Jamaica’s general election, dominating Parliament by a 2-1 margin


Portia Simpson Miller, Jamaica’s first female prime minister led her party to a landslide victory against the ruling opposition, the Associated Press reports. Mrs. Simpson Miller, representing the People’s National Party, had served a short stint as the country’s leader before the Labour Party won control of the government in 2007. This time around, her party won 42 seats of the 63-seat parliament, while Labour captured just 21. The ruling party’s loss may be due in part to former prime minister Robert Golding’s handling of notorious drug lord Christopher Coke. Following a U.S. extradition request, Golding authorized an American firm to lobby against the request in Washington. Later, Golding ordered an offensive against Coke’s headquarters, causing violent clashes between Coke supporters and government forces. The results were announced late Tuesday after days of recounting. Barely half of Jamaica’s eligible voters cast ballots. Simpson Miller will be sworn in Thursday.

Associated Press

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Jamaica’s first female prime minister leads landslide victory

  1. Canada.. stand by for another mass migration from Jamaica to Canada now that the PNP is back in power.  In the early ’70s when Michael Manley became prime minister with his socialist ruination of the Jamaican economy there was a mass exodus by the middle class, the backbone of the economy.  Prior to Manley, the Jamaican dollar was approximately on par with the Canadian dollar.  Today, as a result of Manley’s policies one Ja$ = one Canadian cent!  And during the same timeframe, the crime wave has gone up.  My poor island in the sun….”Betta mus’com”?

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