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James Cameron to visit Alberta’s oilsands

Avatar director is “concerned about the criticism leveled” at the operations


Avatar director James Cameron is set to visit Alberta’s oil sands. The hollywood mogul sent a letter to Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach scheduling a trip starting on September 27, saying he wants to meet with oil executives and tour one of the operations in Fort McMurray. “As a native-born Canadian, I’m concerned about the criticism leveled at Alberta’s oilsands operations,” Cameron said, “and eager to learn whether they are true or not and if true, how they are being addressed by industry and government.” Earlier this year, Cameron called the oil sands a “black eye” on Canada’s image as an environmental leader. Stelmach reportedly sent the director a letter, prompting the September visit. George Poitras, a former chief of the Mikisew Cree First Nation near Fort Chipewyan and a long-time activist against oil sands, will also meet with Cameron.

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James Cameron to visit Alberta’s oilsands

  1. Who cares?

  2. I really would like Maclean's to dig further who fund these environmentalist groups. We will never know if oil rivals from the middle easts and other countries are big Daddies of these groups to get ahead of another rival.

    • By "environmentalist group" you mean James Cameron?

      I believe we all funded him. Through Avatar.

      • Not if we avoided the movie.

    • Wow, do the Conservatives have a 'conspiracy of the week' that you guys get to vote on? Because "you righties" have sure come out with a bunch of doozies in recent weeks.

    • The Pembina Institute and the Suzuki Foundation are indeed both funded by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Tala — the same man that owns 7% of Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp. Its a mass conspiracy two disable North America from two fronts: make them more dependent on Saudi oil while gradually reducing average intelligence across the continent.

      Yes, truly a sinister and cunning plot by the environmentalist, Muslim, Hollywood lieberals.

      • could i get some links?

  3. Billionaire Hollywood liberals are unfortunately influential, they have greatly contributed to California's decline and now want to export their recipe for economic disaster to other jurisdictions. They will still line their own pockets by making movies overseas however. Cameron is a cowardly fool who challenged global warming skeptics to a debate and then chickened out, Albertans should ignore him.

  4. He is there at the invitation of the premier. He is there on his own behalf.

    • Wasn't he in the initial panel invited by Obama during the BP oil leak, and he has nothing to say about it but much about Canada's oil sands?

      • I don't know, was he in a panel regarding the BP oil leak? I thought his experience in underwater exploring was mentioned, but it was just another tangent on a huge news story and I really don't feel like looking up the particulars.

        He is concerned about the environment, voiced concerns about the oil sands, and is going to visit them based on an invitation from the premier. This seems reasonable to me and doesn't give much reason to call his patriotism into question.

    • He was invited due to some negative comments he made about Alberta's oil sands in the past.

  5. Waiting for inevitable Michael Moore documentary on the environmental impact of oil. If he weren't so biased he could come across as informative.

  6. lalalallalalalalalal(blue in the face with tongue wagging)

    James Cameron shows you can take the pretencious,babbling, egocentric liberal out of Toronto, but you can't take the the pretencious,babbling, egocentric liberal out of the kid. Welcome to Alberta – F%%%head

  7. RE: 'George Poitras, a former chief of the Mikisew Cree First Nation near Fort Chipewyan and a long-time activist against oil sands, will also meet with Cameron"

    In related news, after the visit Cameron expressed surprise that native peoples are neither magical nor blue.

  8. This month alone four US Senators (including the Speaker of the House) have come to Alberta to preach, while the US Ambassador hints this week on a trip to Calgary that no one in the US even knows all that much about the Oil Sands. Now we are set to receive the exalted James Cameron (the Obama dog wagger in-chief).

    Would somebody tell these guys just to park their jets (along with the carbon emissions they produce) and start setting an example for us to follow.

    The Oil Sands are both real and necessary! It is about what each of us can do to offset the impact and thankfully it is not about propping up the self serving do gooders. Say no to celebrity science.

    The Guerrilla Advocate

    [youtube dIvVKbcc5jo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIvVKbcc5jo youtube]

  9. I am from Kapuskasing also as Cameron and am in Alberta and if given the challenge could numerously come up with solutions with chances of mostly less cost and proceedures.