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Jamie Oliver is wrong: British health minister

Lecturing people on healthy lifestyle can be counterproductive, he says


The new British health minister, Andrew Lansley, has criticized the former Labour government’s attempt to curb childhood obesity by serving better quality food at state-funded schools, a move promoted by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. He says the coalition government’s health policy will be based on what actually works, showing a less interventionist approach, Reuters reports. The Jamie Oliver experiment actually led to fewer children eating school meals, said Lansley, a Conservative party member of the coalition, sparking a growing chain of attempts to control what kids eat. Instead, the government should encourage people to take control of their own health, he said. One in six kids in England were obese in 2008, while only 20 per cent ate the recommended five fruits and veggies per day.


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Jamie Oliver is wrong: British health minister

  1. well lets think about that shall we?
    1. parents realised that food standards were lower than they were led to believe and stopped using them.
    2. due to the widespread activities of TV chefs more parents cook family meals after school for thier kids
    3. parents choose to give their kids healthier packed lunches

    most of this is down to people like Jamie raisning awareness and giving encouragement to self help on this issue..
    Andrew Lansley needs to get out of his "bubble" and ask his nanny what she does for his kids and guess what?….

    thats right! a healthy packed lunch and home cooked nutritious meals at home after school!

    • None of which detracts from the counterproductive nature of constant nagging, as a policy measure.

      • Obviously you know nothing about Oliver's work – there was no nagging involved.

  2. Healthy eating is important but ensuring that comes with exercise is also important. Regardless of what you eat, you have to burn it.

  3. In recent years our local hospital authority accepted the same attitude that Jamie Oliver has. We stopped offering food with no nutritional value and high calories in the cafeteria. It is not to say that people aren't going to eat crap but at least they won't be buying at a "healing institution" after the taxpayer just forked out $100 thousand plus for open heart surgery. We don't sell cigarettes and we don't allow smoking on hospital grounds. People ARE responsible for their own health – yet they don't take care of their bodies and want other people to "fix it" when it fails them. Since taxpayers are paying for healthcare in England and Canada, it behoves public institutions to ensure they aren't part of the problem! The health minister is an IDIOT! Go Jamie!!

    • Couldn't agree with you more, what an idiot!

  4. Serving healthy foods at public schools is "interventionist"? I thought it was just a logical way to make healthy choices easy for kids. But I suppose if you look at everything through an ideological lens…

  5. when i look at my old school photos i don't see one in six being obese ..with more and more fatty boombas out there being big may be the new norm ..not only is it the junk food the big corporations push but also the sedentary lifestyle of an entitled group of kids