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Jane Fonda apologizes

Star regrets signing petition against TIFF’s showcase of Israeli films


Fonda apologized for signing a letter decrying the Toronto International Film Festival’s showcase of movies from Tel Aviv in an article written for the Huffington Post blog. She said she signed the letter, which has been openly criticized by Jerry Seinfeld, Natalie Portman and Sacha Baron Cohen, out of anger toward the Israeli foreign ministry’s supposed attempt to use TIFF to re-brand Israel’s image. Fonda said she was sorry for signing “without reading it carefully enough, without asking myself if some of the wording wouldn’t exacerbate the situation rather than bring about constructive dialogue.”

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Jane Fonda apologizes

  1. I am not familiar with all of her despicable past as a radical, but I know enough to be disgusted. I also remember her saying a few years ago, when she was promoting some comeback movie, that she's "apologized for everything". And there I see a headline in MacLeans "Fonda apologizing" yet again. She just comes off as a radical anarchist that "condemns" things on a whim before thinking her actions through. These half-brain celebutards always do this.

    Why is she so endeared in pop-culture? She is known for only 2 things: (1) starring in some obscure show in the 60s as a sweet woman, and (2) being on the tip of the spear of the most radical anti Vietnam War groups. This isn't to say I am pro Vietnam war. I am merely talking about the way she carried as herself as an activist (for example, posing for pics next to a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft cannon that no doubt killed many American servicemen).

    I'd say she's more of a radical anarchist than she is or ever was an actress. Why do newsmedia give her any credibility by paying attention to which idiotic petition she signed this or that week?

  2. i think she is famous because she is part of the Fonda clan …and being endeared to the hippies also made her big ….not to mention Barberalla ..needless to say signing an anti-jewish petition is not going to win her friends in hollywood

  3. Fonda apologized for signing a letter decrying the Toronto International Film Festival's showcase of movies from Tel Aviv… but reaffirmed her support for Ho Chi Minh.

    That's better.