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Japan rejects Kyoto extension

Surprise announcement leaves climate change treaty’s future in doubt


In a surprisingly brazen move, Japan has categorically refused to extend the Kyoto protocol, the treaty that committed the world’s richest nations to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 5 per cent of 1990 levels by 2012. Jun Amira, a Japanese government official, made the announcement at an open session of global climate change talks in Cancun. “Japan will not inscribe its target under the Kyoto protocol on any conditions or under any circumstances,” Amira said. The statement came as a surprise to other delegates and has prompted speculation the treaty may not be extended past 2012.

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Japan rejects Kyoto extension

  1. Harper and Bush killed it. Why is there any surprise to Japan's decision ?

    • Of course everything is Harper's fault. Nobody has any independent thoughts. It must be Harper. Give it a rest.

      The fact is like the Libs in Canada when they saw how the economy was going to be impacted backed away and only gave Kyoto lip service. Where was the outrage when Chretien sat on his a$$ for 6 or 7 years and didn't do anything about Kyoto.

      On one hand the lefties say Harper is destroying Canada's reputation and then they give him credit when Japan decides to not follow thru on Kyoto.

    • I think you meant to say Harper and Obama killed it. I'm glad they did.

  2. This comment was not a surpise at all. Japan has been saying this for week and major blogs have in depth comments on why this is the case. It's quite logical on the part of Japan.

  3. Yep. All George Bush's fault. For you USA bashers out there it was actually Clinton/Gore who refused to ratify Kyoto,

  4. So does this mean we can we give back our fossil awards now?

    • I don't want them given back. I like being the bad guy at these UN climate socialist photo-ops. It's a nice change from the kiss-ass do-gooders Canadians like to be portrayed. Keep the awards, they might be worth something someday.

      • I like what you say, Klem.

  5. This is great news that the 2nd largest economy in the world, populated by the smartest most innovative and motivated people on earth have rejected this idiotic kyoto accord. The world is finally awakening from the alarmist stupor. The next target will be the EU's corrupt carbon trading market; hopefully it will end up like the Chicago Climate Exchange, dead.

  6. It's about time more governments moved away from policy that is based on blatant fraud and lies. It should have happened faster.

  7. Best Christmas present ever. Lizzie May, beached in Cancun. I wonder how they can possibly spin this fiasco. No doubt the hucksters will still vilify Canada, while incredibly fawning all over China which continues to open a coal fired plant a week but has earnestly said it is " looking into the problem". No time line on that however. Now I know why the great man (Suzuki) was boycotting the event since the whole world, and of all places, Japan, refused to do exactly as he demanded, like yesterday. He was ranting on the CBC the other day that China "got it" and would someday stop building those plants. No time line on that either. That was good enough for him to put China in his good book. Right. I gather Big Al is on the lamb in Europe as it is the only place left he can find suckers to pay any attention to him.

  8. AGW

    Headed for the Y2K file.

  9. Wonderful news! Now when do we get around to prosecuting the fraudsters who perpetuated this lie in order to steal public money?

    • That will happen around the same time we prosecute the banksters and their enablers in government who perpetuated the massive financial fraud leading to our current economic malaise. Never.

      • Unfortunately, you're right – and in some cases, it's the same people (Goldman Sachs in particular, is heavily involved in both scandals).

        • That’s right, Goldman-Sachs was the organization running the Chicago Climate exchange.

  10. How DARE they?!

  11. Another thing, did you notice how much of the mainstream media is ignoring this story? If Japan had declared it was extending that useless treaty Mansbridge and others would be all over the story like a dirty shirt with sidebar stories about how Canada's reputation is in taters because of the "Evil Harper" and the tar sands. Of course, would you expect anything different from that bunch?

    • Sort of like the mainstream media completely ignoring the collapse of the CCX (Chicago Carbon Exchange.) You know…the "trade" part of "Cap and Trade?"

      Not only had the value of CO2 as a commodity crashed ($0.50/ton…when it was generally accepted that a value of about $75/ton would be required to generate "green" technologies)…there was 0 (as in zero) trading in it for over 3 months.

      Add to that Europol's investigation of the carbon trading system in the EU which determined that about 90% of it was based of fraud and the entire system was infiltrated, if not controlled by organized crime.

      • That part of the story is too bad, I was hoping to photocopy carbon certificates too and sell them to whoever was stupid enough to buy them. I was going to make a killing. I missed the boat on that one.