Japan steps up efforts to cool nuclear plant

Helicopters douse Fukushima Daiichi plant with seawater


Japan’s military Chinook helicopters and a water cannon doused the Fukishima Daiichi plant reactors with tonnes of seawater on Thursday in an attempt to prevent fuel rods from melting. Four loads were dumped by aircraft before they were forced to leave the area due to radiation exposure, but given high winds it was difficult to know whether the water dumps were hitting the target buildings. Japan has asked the U.S. to fly a drone over the site to assess the situation on the ground. As a result of the nuclear crisis, China has said it will suspend its approval for new nuclear sites. The confirmed death toll from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami has now surpassed 5,400 people, with about 9,500 still missing. Around 380,000 people are living in temporary shelters.

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Japan steps up efforts to cool nuclear plant

  1. NO amount of radioactivity is ever "safe" to anyone or anything IMO. I don't care what they experts say.

    All that radiation on its way across Canada will end up in the sea, sea life, water supply, EVERYTHING, and eventually end up not only on us but inside us on top of all the other toxins we ingest daily that all add up to more cancers & disease.

    Nuclear energy is nothing but a toxic never ending money pit from the day it is built to the day your town is chosen as a burial site for its toxic waste.

    • Radiation surrounds us every day….it's in rocks, it's in buildings, it's in your granite counter-tops.

      If you were born after 1945, it's in your teeth.

      However there is zip radiation coming from Japan, so enough with the uninformed panic.

  2. Hopefully common sense and not emotions will prevail when dealing with nuclear power. Personally, I am far from an expert on the subject and have 'no dog in the hunt' but I do not want zealots carrying the conversation. I would like to hear every side on this issue on an equal 'time' basis with no one-side trying to shut down the other.

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