Japanese offered big money to work in damaged reactors

“Jumpers” reportedly being offered up to $5,000 per day


Tokyo Electric Power Co is reportedly offering hazard pay of up to $5,000 per day (or for a fraction of a day, since shifts must be very short for health reasons) to workers who agree to try to bring its severely damaged nuclear power plant under control. Workers are being brought closer to sources of radiation in an attempt to end the nuclear crisis, sparked by last month’s earthquake and tsunami. One official says the company has jobs for “jumpers,” or workers who “jump” into highly radioactive areas to finish a job in a short amount of time, then race out again. In some cases, jumpers can only make such a trip once in their entire lives or risk serious radiation poisoning. The company recently said it will permanently shut down at least four of the six reactors at the plant, but first it has to stabilize and cool the fuel, and clean up radiation-contaminated water.


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Japanese offered big money to work in damaged reactors

  1. All the money in the world isn't worth a penny if you get radiation sickness and die prematurely of cancer.

  2. Where do I need to go and apply?

  3. Sounds like about fire jumping but the difference is you know your going to get burned.. Just how bad only time will tell. Someone has got to do it and it might we well be me. Send me all the information to the attached e-mail address. Thanks Kenny

  4. That might be equivalent to $5,000 for a lifetime's earning. Thanks, I might as well keep buying lottery. Why can't they let those TEPCO top three hundred (for shifts) officials to make the jump, so those who replaces them will think twice before making important decisions to cut corners.

  5. None of you want to die of radiation sickness, it's a horrible painful way to go.

  6. Get cancer patients to do the tasks and save on chemotherapy. How could this not work and what do they have to loose anyway?

    • that is in bad taste. and not funny at all.

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