Japanese tsunami reaches from Canada to Kenya

Waves should not be as powerful as those that hit Japan


The 8.9-magnitude earthquake that has devastated Japan has triggered tsunami alerts across the Pacific from the coast of California to Indonesia, and beyond. On Friday, Kenya’s meteorological department issued a tsunami alert for Saturday, but said the waves should not be as powerful as those that hit Japan. Waves have already hit Hawaii, and were spreading as people along the island chain’s coast evacuated. Warnings were issued for U.S. West Coast states. The Philippines, Indonesia and Chile, as well as more than 20 other countries, have been told to brace for a possible tsunami. As for Canada, the West Coast Alaska Warning Centre issued the tsunami watch for parts of British Columbia, and about 150 residents in Tofino, B.C. who live on houseboats or near the shore were advised this morning to be on alert for rising water.

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Japanese tsunami reaches from Canada to Kenya

  1. LOL. WAVE!

    • there is nothing to lo about

  2. I hope no one went to picnic in Tofino beach to see a Tsunami as what had happened in the past few storm warnings.

  3. Les kanada, always les worry about demselves! A nice wave could clean up the GVRD. The Chinese are trying. lol

  4. What we have to worry about is la grande wave at the hockey games in case un frenchman gets slapped, and all kanada will be SHOCKED! lol

  5. I am totally freaking here. is the tsunami supposed to hit Tofino still?

    • Just a small on 33 feet at 500 mph. No worry. Should be lots of fish later. This may explain the Ark!

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