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Jay Leno-cellar dweller

Initial ratings for his new show prove disappointing


Not ready for prime time. That seems to be viewers’ verdict on Jay Leno’s new five night a week 10 p.m. gab fest. After a strong debut, the initial ratings are in—and they’re not good. Since the TV season began Sept. 21, he has finished in last place every night, and Monday he claimed a lowest-yet 4.5 million viewers. “The big test will be how he does when repeats begin, and if he sees a surge,” says John Rash of ad firm Campbell Mithun. “If not, it’s particularly troublesome.”

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Jay Leno-cellar dweller

  1. Good. Especially with the discussion on local TV/cable costs, anything that can turn TV back to comedies and dramas instead of reality and talk shows is a good thing. Why on earth would we want to pay basic cable if all you get are talent contests, has-been's acting foolish, and A and B list actors marketing their wares?

    Leave prime time alone!

  2. I'm surprised because I find that it's the only decent thing on in that time slot (except for sports)

  3. if it costs a fifth as much to make and still gets 4.5 million viewers it's doing good …personally i watch it at 7pm on time shifting ..i too question why we pay so much for basic cable even though the shows are craaaaap, i'd like to switch to hd antenna but i can only get three channels here :)

    • Jay Leno at 7:00 pm would be awesome. Okay at 11:00, too. I'm just asking for real shows between 8 and 10. And of course I'm just mad because we lost our timeshifting channels with all the bruhaha over local TV/cable rates.