Jean Charest, racist? -

Jean Charest, racist?

Indian workers slam the Quebec government for promoting asbestos exports


An Indian workers’ rights group sent a vitriolic letter to Jean Charest this week, accusing the Quebec premier of disregarding the health of Indian workers by promoting the use of asbestos in India. Charest, wrote Mohit Gupta of the Occupational & Environmental Health Network of India, is demonstrating “profound apathy, bordering on racism, towards the workers and communities in India.” The reason: it exports its asbestos to India, one of the world’s largest markets for the stuff, largely because the known carcinogen can’t be used in North America. Through a spokesperson, Charest said he won’t be responding to the letter.

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Jean Charest, racist?

  1. I'm not sure if he is a racist but I'm d**n sure he's the biggest hypocrite on the planet. Always sooooo concerned about the planet, isn't he? After running around Copenfraud like an imbecile slagging Alberta and the oil sands, he then quietly instructs Quebec industries to get their asses out west and grab any oil sands business they can get. So there's nothing new here, just more of the same.

  2. A friend of mine worked summers with asbestos. he died three years ago from lung cancer. The stuff is dangerous, too hot to handle for Canadians, and Quebec should be ashamed of itself for selling this dangerous stuff to India, Mexico and many other third world countries.

    This Quebec industry will soon fall as will the tax revenue it gets from exporting death. And if Quebec dork heads want to leave Canada, they will no longer get 8 billion in equalization payments and will have to assume their very large share of the national debt.

  3. this quebec asbestos is going into new construction in india. the immediate conditions/effects to the exposed workers in india are shocking. but this is a time bomb waiting to kill indian's in the future, when these structures are renovated or torn down.

    why is india allowing this to be imported? it's obvious the density and over population of that country play's a part in creating a different view on the value of a life.

    but, as canadian's we must set an example of how to do things morally correct. although it seems to be something we are getting worse at.

  4. have you been sleeping …the guy defends partisan politics! what do you think? of course the dork is a racist…ultra french, pro french, everything french…its a language and a bit of history… get over it