Jean Chrétien gets hung -

Jean Chrétien gets hung


Past and current MPs came out for the hanging of Jean Chrétien’s official portrait painted by artist Christan Nicholson. Below, Chrétien with the portrait.


Former Liberal MP Martin Cauchon (left) with Liberal MP Denis Coderre.


Aline Chrétien (left) and Laureen Harper.


Heritage Minister James Moore and former Heritage Minister Sheila Copps.


Stephen Harper.


Artist Christan Nicholson


Former Deputy PM John Manley.


Former NDP leader Ed Broadbent.


Iggy’s wife, Zsuzsanna M. Zsohar.


Iggy with the artist Christan Nicholson.


Liberal MPs Rodger Cuzner (left) and Mark Eyking.


Warren Kinsella (left) and former Liberal MP Paul Zed.


Former Liberal cabinet minister Brian Tobin.


Jean Chrétien’s brothers, Gabriel (left) and Michel.


Jean Chrétien gets hung

  1. I wonder if Shelley Glover's hair style will ever make a comeback? It's so awesomely Eighties!

    • Do you ever dicuss men's hair or just pick in women?

  2. Rona is HOT! – what is it with so many gorgeous conservative MP's – then again I guess because there are so many more lady MP's nowadays .. either way keep up the good work fellow Tories. I didn't know Shelley used to be a cop – hmmm no wonder she is so on top of that file.

  3. Did the Conservatives dare to call them a "cult" to their face? or do they just do that in press releases?

  4. Well, at least they didn't serve donuts.

  5. Spoken like a Conservative

    Label the Minister in charge of the Status of Women….hot AND try and convince that the dingbat Shelley Glover is doing a good job when in reality she is throwing 'her own under a bus…..

  6. Wonder if there was any discussion of how "useless" the long-gun registry is for the police…

  7. Haha..what did they fill the room with mostly MP's?? I count about 10 cops…lol!!!! Good show Cons.. I will stick with the CACP thanks and i take officer safety as priority #1 as do the overwhelming majority of level-headed Chiefs and hard working officers across the country. Playing politics with officer safety makes the CONS & their supporters look like a squawking, suited bunch of buffoons, eating fancy seafood treats while others protect the public AND use the registry with much frequency in doing so. CONS need a reality check. Time to vote Harper's URBAN hooker lovin', URBAN CONcaine using, BIG CITY corrupt MP's & hells angels lawyer supporters OUT, OUT, OUT! Love from JP in Quebec xo

  8. So let me guess – this is a "schmooze" get together to try to get the cops on their side.

    Shelley Glover – do something with that hair please.

  9. These guys were totally pissed with the Cons when they were in town. They were being attacked by the PMO and their nutjob MPs from Alberta for daring to support gun control.

  10. 1) Shelley Glover's hair is just a ponytail and some bobby pins away from a Palin.
    2) Do we need 3 pictures of the sandwiches?

  11. She's in reach of Palin on an intellectual level too.

  12. Another idiot talking about a women's hair!

  13. Sara Palin is likely smarter than TJCook

  14. Okay – Harper has helmut hair (toupe?).

  15. Yup. It tells how she's still thinking 20-30 years ago.

  16. are you asking the same question of psiclone below for his comment on appearances gary?

  17. (1 Tim 1:8 KJV) But we know that the law is good, if a man use it lawfully; 9 Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, 10 For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for men stealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;

    (Gal 3:24 KJV) Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ,


    We as CITIZENS have often been deceived that the others are working on our behalf, carrying out and insuring justice so when we now still see, encounter evil we do still have to speak out against it to all.. for evil prospers when good people do nothing.

  18. Great pics Mitchel,

    As to the first picture, I've always considered Chrétien more of a foot soldier than a leader, but the man did have sure political instincts and some common sense. Compared to Paul Martin Jr., Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, he stands tall.

  19. As to the second picture, one immediately feels the palpable ambition and expectation exuding from Cauchon and Coderre's faces. It's almost as if they are imagining being at their own respective portrait hangings.

    They will both be disappointed I'm afraid, and their portrait hangings will remain a figment of their imagination. Why do I say that?

    The Liberal Party of Canada will abandon its traditional alternating of anglophone and francophone leaders, that's why. Francophones have deserted the Liberal Party for over two generations now. Liberal leadership convention rules and protocols no longer operate in the party these days, but rather, naked personal ambition. It's Bob Rae's turn, and he's bilingual so that'll be good enough, or that'll be the rationalization anyway.

  20. Certainly time has been kind to the little guy and his policy – mostly in comparison to what we have now.

  21. What's in Chretien's hand?

    • Eye glasses?

    • Bill Clennett's dentures.

  22. He should try a 'stache, like his brothers

  23. Does anybody know if the yellow background is a subtle nod to his hero Laurier's "sunny way"?

    Regardless I think this is my 2nd favourite portrait – nobody will ever top Pearson's.

    • Are you still protesting that you're not a Liberal partisan Richard?

      • Engaging with you literally makes my head hurt.

        (heaven forbid that I have an opinion on art…or that I think Trudeau's is easily the ugliest by a country mile…you keep on keeping on…maybe one day you'll add something of value to the discussion – other than playing the fool)

        • You've been in such a dour mood lately Richard, cheer up.

          Indeed, the last time I recall seeing you cheery on this blog was back in January when Paul Wells posted about a national poll. This is what you said in the comment thread:

          " This is certainly a surprising result. I think it's extremely…heartening (it's weird to feel positive about politics…"

          Oh, what post cheered Richard so? Here's the entire Wells post:

          "Here's a poll to argue about!

          by Paul Wells on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 2:21pm – 200 Comments

          Conservatives 31, Liberals 30. We are not making this up."

          There's nothing wrong with admitting the obvious Richard. We're all grown-ups here.

          • Not dour in the slightest my friend, just whenever you rear your head. Why just yesterday I was having a jolly good time on the Mulroney thread. Then you show up spouting nonsense and my brain starts to hurt.

            (and I see you're trying desperately to paint me as a Liberal partisan. Well I'm not. That comment you dug up? What I found heartening was not that the Liberals had come close to the Conservatives, but rather that it showed that people were taking an active interest in politics – that the cynical were wrong, that people actually did care about the prorogue. But do try and crop things out of context – it's amusing.)

            You don't need to go hunting too far for my political stance – why just last week I posted this reponse to you (shocking that you missed it):

            Poor Jarrid,

            You mistake my distaste for Harper as support for the Liberals…nothing could be further from the truth. If anything made me give Ignatieff a second glance, it was the over-the-top rhetoric coming from the likes of you.

          • My full comment:

            "This is certainly a surprising result. I think it's extremely…heartening (it's weird to feel positive about politics…I can't even think of the opposite of "disheartening") to see that it would appear that public discontent is actually out ahead of the opposition parties. People seem to be actually paying attention regardless of what the various parties are telling them.

            It's nice is all."

            Yep, that sure sounds to me like the words of a Card Carrying Liberal.

          • Here's Richard doing his best to spin the Liberal ad dissed by Andrew Coyne called "Dreamworldview". (The one where Iggy is talking with a Toronto municipal park in the background)

            "Hey, it was enough to convince this life long NDP voter to give the Liberals a second look. "

            He's saying that that ad influenced him to look at the Liberals. Yes, that widely panned ad. For a "life long NDP voter" Richard, you sure shill hard for the Liberal Party of Canada.

          • You know, the fact that you cycled through 62 pages of my comments looking for a smoking gun (and could only come up with the fact that I'm giving the Liberals "a second look"…those sure are the words of a rampaging Liberal ain't they?) is more than a little pathetic.

            Gosh you're not actually this dim are you? Have you seriously never considered that I might consider the Liberals the lesser of two evils? That I'd much rather deal with Ignatieff as PM rather than Harper? That hating Harper is not the same thing as "shilling" for the Liberals?

            Again, let me save you the time and effort of going through each and every one of my posts. Here's what I TOLD YOU last week:

            Poor Jarrid,

            You mistake my distaste for Harper as support for the Liberals…nothing could be further from the truth. If anything made me give Ignatieff a second glance, it was the over-the-top rhetoric coming from the likes of you.

          • Also, if you actually read that quote – I wasn't referencing the commercial but rather how Harper's prorogue was enough to convince me (a lifelong NDP voter) to give the Liberals a second look – i.e. to follow an ABC (Anyone But Conservative) electoral strategy.

            Spinning statements out of context doesn't work when I can easily access said context mi amigo.

            (and now I'm fairly certain everyone under the sun is sick and tired of your attempts at discerning my political allegiances…allegiances I might add, that I hide in plain view…so stop it already.)

    • One journalist said that the area where his portrait is to be hung is quite dark and it really brightens it up – perhaps that's the reason.

  24. Just had a look at all the portraits. Chrétien is definitely a favorite. It is a bold portrait, with the yellow background and the red tie, and an excellent likeness.

    I also like Abbot (definitely Chris Plummer's great-grandfather) and Sir Mackenzie Bowell. John Turner's is a disaster. Pearson, not bad, but it's too dull for my liking.

  25. And I note that Chrétien is holding his glasses, like Mackenzie King. Deliberate?

    • Probably a reason to have his hand in that position. Otherwise, it would be in mid-air sort of.

    • Could be. I'm sure if you asked him, Chretien would like the "paint" himself (heh) as a pragmatic PM, much like King was known as.

      (uh-oh…there I go having an opinion on a Liberal….must be me showing my partisan stripes again! :)

      • Oh Richard, you Liberal partisan.

        • Yep, the only thing I can rightfully be accused of being a "partisan" of is my beloved Habitants :D

          (and jarrid, before you barge in screaming "I KNEW IT!", "partisan" means "fan" in french)

  26. Why is it that everyone gets their name posted but Ignatieff is referred to as Iggy? Doesn't seem too profesional. Chretien's brothers look just like him.

  27. Well its a very Hard Choice to choose the Best Taken Picture since all have an adorable Smile and Laugh. All of You in Government who are our Ministers we take out our Hat for you and wish you all the Love we can though people who have not traveled to 3rd World Countries to see how their Governments treat them. We are an Elite Society not appreciating how much Paper Work is Involved for this Country to Run Smoothly. The Government and RCMP, Canadian Fire Fighters , Ambulance, and All Officials working for us. We are a Peaceful Country and by Gods Grace we have had no Problems. But the Rt. Honorable Prime Minister Stephen Harper should Truly Have a Painting of Him. He has sustained us Canadians from Recession of the 1980’s. I pray to the Lord that he Rests All Of Canada have Good Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Love, and Unity. Amen.