Jean Chrétien in hospital following brain surgery -

Jean Chrétien in hospital following brain surgery

Doctors say former PM underwent successful operation


Former prime minister Jean Chrétien is recovering in hospital after successful brain surgery to treat a subdural hematoma. Chrétien underwent the surgery Friday and doctors say they were able to remove the buildup of blood on the right side of his head. The former PM is expected to stay at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital for the next few days.

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Jean Chrétien in hospital following brain surgery

  1. I wish Mr. Chretien all the best in his recovery.

    Interesting though how we have been told for years he is in the peak of good health as he bounded up the stairs in Parliament.

    However, he had a quadruple heart bybass in 007 and now a brain hematoma. I guess age does catch up to all of us no matter how healthy one appears to be.

    • I appreciate your maturity here. I've seen some vile comments on other sites from Con supporters.

      You know, I don't hate Harper (save that for child molestors and terrorists, etc.), but I do not agree with his politicies nor respect the man and I sure as hell wouldn't wish illness on him.

      Funny thing about old age – seems that once my dad got sick there were neverending issues with his health, one thing after another.

  2. I too wish him well (because unlike many others I'm not a nasty person – although if it was Harper I'm sure we would see a lot more irrational hate) – but having said that, it explains a lot about Chretien.

    • Nonsense. I think Harper is most ideologically narrow-minded Prime Minister Canada has had in its history, but I'd never wish ill health on him, or tragedy or anything else. I think most reasonable people on my side of the political spectrum would say and think the same

      • And so are you!

      • Yup, that's right, Scott, isn't it?

        And you've done SUCH a good job of gathering reasonable people on your side of the political spectrum around you.

        From the blatantly unchallenged racial bigotry of Sister Sage's Musings to the tear-soaked hystrionics of Mark Francis to the pure lunacy of Jim Parrot, you've really gathered the peaches of the Canadian blogosphere, haven't you?

  3. Get well Mr. Chretien : you are a great Canadian

  4. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

  5. Like I said – vile Con supporters – you are one sick bastard.

    • First of all, Chretien wasn't found to be involved and you know it.

      Vile namecalling – yup, on this issue.

      You are a sicko.

      Can't you wish the best for Chretien as a human being? Too much to ask?

      • Agree..Some people do not have the mental capacity to be able seperate the professional side from the personal side..speedy recovery Mr. Chretien !

        • true north…..except if you read the comments on this board you would think that Harper is the devil incarnate.

          There is never much criticism of the policies it is basically a bunch of nasty name calling which does nothing to advance the discussion but the fact is Harper is such a formidable opponent that it drives the left crazy and so the only thing they can do is resort to name calling.

          • hollinm…Thankyou for explaining that , I could never really understand what was being accomplished with the name calling game,well.. except to take away any credibility you might have earned……

          • lol

  6. I love PM Chretien, I wish you a speedy recovery, you are missed, still have those bottles from '95…Get well soon!!

    • Indeed…

  7. Who cares he is a criminal and should be serving time for stealing from Canadian taxpayers and Adscam is only what we know of, who knows how much this jerk got away with,the darkest 13 years this country ever saw.I offten wished i was the one he grab, things would have gone very differently.

    • All class, some of you Cons.

    • Narrow-minded Liberals don't care about what's good for Canada, they only care about their corrupt Liberal party.

  8. It appears that Chretien is up and about again,

    perhaps all the well wishers helped, but given the nature of the man my guess is that the opportunity to spite the remarks of Misanthropist and Pat the former Nazi flounder had even more to do with it.

    • lol.. Me thinks you guessed right !

  9. Waaaaaaaaaaaay too easy.

  10. You are one of the last statesmen this country has seen……..wishing you speedy recovery sir