Jenn Heil's dentist makes mountain calls -

Jenn Heil’s dentist makes mountain calls

Olympian’s last dental visit on YouTube


Jenn Heil’s Montreal dentists, the father and son team of Drs. Warren and Jason Retter, are celebrating (some might say exploiting) their association with the 2010 silver-medal winner, posting a video on YouTube and their website of the skier’s most recent appointment to touch up her gleaming “Olympic-podium smile.” “I’m definitely more ready now,” a smiling Heil tells the camera. Word has it Warren Retter was at Cypress Mountain on the weekend to watch her Olympic run—after which her signature smile was decidedly force—and provide a final teeth polishing before her moment on the podium.


Jenn Heil’s dentist makes mountain calls

  1. Hmmm, I wonder if there was some anesthetic involved… it might explain the photo with Harper.

  2. We are extremely proud of all of our athletes that competed on behalf of our country and especially such a warm individual as Jenn Heil. She was a great sport in the video and we had a lot of fun with her. My father was fortunate enough to be at the Olympic event (as well as the men's event the following day). He will never forget being part of history on those two nights. Way to go Team Canada!

  3. It takes private citizens like Dr. Retter and others, who shun the spotlight but are there when called upon to provide our Olympians with all the little things they need to pursue their dreams.
    We may, as a country, not financially suport those who choose to dedicate their lives to amateur athletic excellence as other countries routinely do, but we have a uniquely Canadian ability to band together individually and come through when we need to.